[Feedback] ONE PLUS Q1 4k TV -Inbuilt Video Player Issues

  1. Cesife
    Cupcake Oct 24, 2020

    Cesife , Oct 24, 2020 :
    I bought OnePlus (55 inches) Q1 Series QLED TV in August last week. I bought this TV after considering so many models and after so much research I landed on this model and I liked it. Now I am very happy about this TV. Incredible Picture Quality and Sound quality. A great product. Happy to be a member of OnePlus Family

    One important reason I was considering, when I was buying this TV was customer support in the forum
    Even though I am very happy with the Oneplus Q1 TV, I had encountered some problems/issues.

    Most of the issues I faced were with Inbuilt Video Player on the TV.

    IST category- Subtitle issue

    1st important issue

    Subtitle issue – subtitles don’t sync with most of the files I played in the inbuilt video player, in initial minutes’ subs are okay after 2-5 minutes it goes very fast. when I play these files in laptop and VLC Player in the TV, no such problem

    (Note: this sync problem will correct itself just for a minute, if you forward or rewind or stop the file. So if you want to notice this problem you have to play continuously a file for at least 6-10 minutes)

    Nowadays most of the files I had to play in TV VLC player, but I am not happy with files playing in TV VLC player. There is big difference in Picture and sound quality in VLC compared to playing in inbuilt video player

    2. some subtitle doesn’t show in inbuilt player, even though its ok in PC/LAPTOP and TV VLC player

    3. Even If a video file has more than inbuilt 10 subtitle languages, it will not show this full subtitles languages options in inbuilt player (I think it shows only 1st 8 of them), even if I insert a new sub extension files it won’t show in the options

    4. It would have been very helpful if you gave options to resize subtitles in inbuilt Video player

    5. the size of .vob extension subtitles are very much small, so it’s difficult to read the subs with files with .vob subtitle files.

    2nd category –Fast forwarding and Rewinding issues

    1. When I fast forward or rewind the video files in inbuilt Video player, duration it jumps are very long (i.e. 20-40 secs) and duration these jumps varies each time. It is very irritating, when I rewind if I miss a dialogue or forget to notice a thing. I have to go back 20-40 seconds, just to watch the thing a few seconds back.

    It would have been very helpful if you improve this option and changing single click of Fast forwarding and Rewinding duration to within 10 seconds

    2. sometimes when I fast forward or rewind the video files in inbuilt Video player, Playback jumps to earlier positions that I fast forwarded or re-winded earlier

    3rd category-these problems I encountered when playing many video files of short duration (i.e. within 10 minutes) in folder

    1. Sometimes When I skip to the next files in the folder after playing, the frame size of video files shrink in the inbuilt Video player. I have to stop the file and play it again to make the size of the video file normal.

    2. sometimes when I try to pause the video file, it won’t pause. I have to stop the file and play it again to make it normal.

    4th category -misc.

    1. Important issue – 90% of times Inbuilt tv Video player don't remember the playback position of a file. This happens if I unplug the USB or when I play another files in a folder same time ( it won’t remember 1st files playback position )

    2. Files that are encoded with ATMOS audio (i.e DDP5.1.Atmos.) have a stuttering issue in the Inbuilt Video player.

    Hoping a reply from you and rectify some of issues i mentioned here in next update .

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  2. Nora Song
    TV Quality Manager Staff Member Oct 26, 2020

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  3. Cesife
    Cupcake Nov 10, 2020

    Cesife , Nov 10, 2020 :
    Thanks for the reply.

    very very sorry for the late reply ,i forgot to check the message.
    my software version is BOVC101RIN04S01090V1.12.1T2006210016