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  1. Habby Thomas Cupcake Jun 7, 2019

    Habby Thomas, Jun 7, 2019 :
    Phone : One plus 6, country: UAE. The latest update is not downloading. The progress bar is at 0 MB even after 1 day.

  2. MR.BEN312 Honeycomb Jun 7, 2019

  3. davidbadajoz Cupcake Jun 7, 2019

  4. Mariarichard Cupcake Jun 8, 2019

    Mariarichard, Jun 8, 2019 :
    any update

  5. P1541779830858 Cupcake Jun 8, 2019

    P1541779830858, Jun 8, 2019 :
    why Oxygen os doesn't have the one hand touch mode or screen shrinking mode sometimes its is difficult use our phone in single hand touch, please in future provide some good features for that.

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  6. ksubin Eclair Jun 8, 2019

  7. A1518077557729 Cupcake Jun 8, 2019

  8. Y1559387298660 Cupcake Jun 8, 2019

    Y1559387298660, Jun 8, 2019 :
    Hi I am new to the community. I recently purchased my one plus 7pro .I am impressed with the speed of your updates
    It is a refreshing change from my past experience with other phones. Keep it up.

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  9. B1513874387151 Cupcake Jun 9, 2019

    B1513874387151, Jun 9, 2019 :
    need screen recorder in next update. OnePlus is a premium smart phone brand and most of us use for gaming too , we wish to have inbuilt screen recorder which records in game sounds and voices.

  10. davidbadajoz Cupcake Jun 9, 2019

  11. Sreekanth Sree Cupcake Jun 9, 2019

    Sreekanth Sree, Jun 9, 2019 :
    Hi Team,

    Oxyzen OS need few great updates like below

    Need individual security protection for each app...now we using sigle security pattern,pin or finger print..if that can be know by other person then we need to change all the security which is not good need security in different layers and options to choose pattern ,pin or finger print.

    Need great Update on wrap charge animation when we charge device battery icon need to change colours and need to creat some showers type animation when display on and if it's off been different animation options to choose user like honor bubbles filling the power with colours and MI pumping power to device.

    When display on if notifications will come on top of display small scroll with colours for different notifications.if no need swipe it on left or right to close..if we open that notification small showers like effect will spred on screen and pop up complete notification.
    if display off notifications in different colors on all ways on screen.

    always on display with different clocks and quotes, notes ,pictures as per the user interest.

    Need Dolby equalizer to experience great music...

    full screen caller ID ,if caller on the GPS, location identification on map on caller ID with small window.
    that will blow the user experience.

    Need colour full tiles for favorite callers and there contact details.

    Galary with all folders need to flot screen like 3D effect we can select ,share ,set as ,Editing with different effects. u can reffer galary + app in Play store that's beautiful this will enjoy one plus users alot with 90hz refresh rate.

    Hope you guys will respect my ideas to improve our Oxyzen OS
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  12. kr.rahul27 Gingerbread Jun 10, 2019

    kr.rahul27, Jun 10, 2019 :
    Please provide an update in ONEPLUS 5 in Bluetooth audio tuner equaliser so that I can set my Enhancement to Pop or rock when I'm wirelessly connected through Bluetooth speaker headphone

  13. V1560165685313 Gingerbread Jun 10, 2019

    V1560165685313, Jun 10, 2019 :
    I am using OnePlus 7 from the 5Th June and I observed that camera quality is not up to Mark like OnePlus,7 pro even Both have same camera lens and same Hardware configuration.

    I think even OnePlus is not interested in OnePlus 7 variant. Every where they are Markieting for oneplus7 pro only. Even official page is also not stared for Oneplus7 even after week of release.

    I am really disappointed with this type of behavior of OnePlus for the OnePlus,7 specially. I would like to ask other people to support same so OnePlus can listen and update the same.

    OnePlus 7 pro got 9.5.7 update 2 days back specially for camera and same has been expected for OnePlus 7 variant.

    thanks in advance for support and update.

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  14. I1541746839970 Cupcake Jun 11, 2019

    I1541746839970, Jun 11, 2019 :
    Please add an option to share WiFi, it has become ao basic now and notification pannel bug not yet fixed while calling.

  15. M1560230704770 Cupcake Jun 11, 2019

    M1560230704770, Jun 11, 2019 :
    I did not like the app lock feature of oxygen OS .Can you please update it and add some more security features such as different pin for lock screen and locked apps and locked apps requiring access authorization every time you open them and also the face unlock feature in locked apps. I would love to see such an update. It would be the perfect OS for me then.

  16. Arjun07sunil Cupcake Jun 11, 2019

  17. SunnyAhuja35 Eclair Jun 11, 2019

  18. Manjunath murthy Cupcake Jun 11, 2019

  19. grandmaster777 Cupcake Jun 11, 2019

    grandmaster777, Jun 11, 2019 :
    Hi, Oneplus 7 pro
    I keep getting these phantom scroll down/up issues in all apps. Suddenly when scrolling slowly, the phone randomly scrolls up or down at full speed.. Do you know this issue and is a fix on the way?
    Regards Martin

  20. vighnesh js Eclair Jun 12, 2019

    vighnesh js, Jun 12, 2019 :
    help,i am facing issues with framedrops on slowmotion,even in 240fps-phone- oneplus7 pro