Festivals: Celebrating Happiness

  1. Swatiranjan
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    Swatiranjan , Jul 7, 2020 :

    Hello Everyone,

    Festivals are meant to celebrate our tradition and cultural heritage by spreading happiness. They create togetherness and keep our culture alive.

    No matter where in the world, festivals bring joy to those that take part in them, keeping us reminded of the importance of staying together.

    During these unprecedented times, we may not be able to go out and celebrate but we can cherish our memories and share our joy together.

    There are countless festivals celebrated per month all over the world.

    From the massive parade of Samba dance in Rio's Carnival in Brazil to the vibrant colors festival Holi, India; imagine the New Year's Eve in Sydney, Australia or a tomato war in La Tomatina, Spain; an informal Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, or a fancy Cannes Film festival in France. All festivals are celebrated in their own unique way. (knowing I missed hundreds more, I expect your help in the comments below)

    One of my favourite festivals is Rath Yatra (The Chariot Festival) celebrated at my hometown - Puri, India. It's a religious festival where Lord Jagannath (an avatar of Lord Vishnu), Lord Balabhadra (his elder brother) & Subhadra (his younger sister) travel from their main temple (Shri Jagannath Temple) to Shri Gundicha temple (another temple situated about 3km away) in 3 massive wooden crafted chariots allowing public to have darshan (The Holy View). This is a Festival of 9 Days, including the start and end days of journey.

    (Pic Courtesy: Google)

    This festival is special for me since it is celebrated in my hometown. More than 1 million people come every year and seek blessings from the Lord of Universe (His name, Jagannath, is a combination of 2 words Jagat and Nath, Jagat meaning Universe and Nath meaning Lord). During this time, my friends from all around the world come to attend the Holy festival and there is a reunion every year.

    So what's your favorite festival/carnival and how do you celebrate it? What is its uniqueness?
    What festivals are you planning to attend once the COVID-19 pandemic is over?

    Be safe, enjoy the thread and share the joy with others.


  2. Dresa91
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    Dresa91 , Jul 7, 2020 :
    congrats and thanks for hosting this great thread!!:)

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    Dresa91 , Jul 7, 2020 :
    yeah, this is true:) thanks for it!:)

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    Dresa91 , Jul 7, 2020 :
    How about the Schlagermove Music Parade in Hamburg, Germany?:)


    A whole host of colourfully decorated floats, parading by hundreds of thousands of creatively-dressed party animals, all singing at the top of their lungs to German-language disco pop songs: welcome to Schlagermove, the world's biggest event of its kind. If you want to emerge fully in German party culture, simply don a few cheesy 70's revival clothes and become part of the celebrations. Join the masses in their parade along the famous Landungsbrücken piers, the fish market area and the Reeperbahn nightlife district! In the end, you might even be able to sing along to some German evergreen hits.

    Around half a million people are dancing and going crazy to 70's German pop music every year:)


  6. Dresa91
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    Dresa91 , Jul 7, 2020 :
    You can also visit the Hurricane Festival in Scheeßel (Scheessel), Germany :)

    Hurricane Festival takes place on the Eichenring motorcycle track in the town of Scheeßel, some 70 km southwest of Hamburg. The festival is easily reached by public transport, with Scheeßel train station located only 1,5 kilometres away from the festival grounds. Regional trains depart from Hamburg Central Station every hour and take about 50 minutes to reach Scheeßel. Visitors can spend the night at several campsites ranging from basic tent sites to luxury accommodation. Parking spaces are available, but cars are not allowed on the campsites.

    Every summer music lovers of Europe are visiting this Music Party:)
    They are celebration of rock, alternative, pop and electro music - three days:)


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    Swatiranjan , via OnePlus 7T , Jul 7, 2020 :
    Wow ! Seems amazing. Hope oneday I'll take part. Plz Get me a 70's shirt. We'll sing in the mass.

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    haha :D

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    Swatiranjan , via OnePlus 7T , Jul 7, 2020 :
    Anything less crowded but makes you feel happy ??? Give it a try buddy, the world is a beautiful place.

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  16. JustASoftwareEngineer
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    JustASoftwareEngineer , Jul 7, 2020 :
    I absolutely agree. I mean.. I love amusement parks. Six Flags, Cedar Point...
    I also love concerts, so I guess I don't really mind crowds that're big, or even huge.. but crowds like the one in @Dresa91's post or your post look friggin' massive. What do you do if you have to go to the bathroom? Is it like New Years Eve in NYC where everybody is wearing a diaper? :p

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    Is it ??? OMG... new fact !

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    Cakepips , Jul 7, 2020 :
    Great topic @Swatiranjan !

    The first one that came to my mind was Edinburgh's Torchlight Procession, as part of Hogmanay (New Years celebration).

    It happens on 30th December, and it's an ancient custom using fire lit torches and fireballs* to 'purify the world from evil spirits'... quite Nordic. It ends up at Holyrood Park (it used to be somewhere else but it got way too big, to the point they have three starting points). Worth a google if you want to see some 'viking warriors'...

    I luckily did one back in 2018.

    How it works is that you arrive at a certain time and get given this waxed based torch. Then, flowing down the river of people, pass the fire onto each others torches. You then walk down towards the park, passing the streets of Edinburgh by night and, occasionally, a few piped pipers to spur you on. People from around the world come and do it...

    *you don't get to use the fireballs. That's down to the professionals at the very front of the line.