Festive Icons and theme pack by the OnePlus design team

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    Manu J. , Oct 21, 2019 :
    Hey Everyone,

    I hope you guys are having a good time with the ongoing celebrations. It's that time of the year where we get into the spirit of things! During the past weeks, we witnessed the release of some India-centric features to show our appreciation for India, and today we're back with something extra special.

    We'd like to introduce our Indian design team. A couple of creative and enthusiastic individuals who are responsible for creating our beautiful UI and all its design elements, who also hog our meeting rooms while doing so.

    The Head of Indian Design team, @Ujjwal V, has a vision for OnePlus and likes to experiment with the sentiment of designs that bring out his inspirations. Here are a few words from him.

    "Hello, Community,
    Over the past months at OnePlus, I have had the opportunity to interact with several community members, at events like Open Ears, Launch events and User research projects.
    This will be the first instance and an initiation to bring OS interaction and experience design conversations to the table, with our community in India.

    Moving forward, design from India will be central to bringing immersive experiences to the OxygenOS. We would love to involve and share our design journeys with you, as we strongly believe you are the true resemblance of our users."
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    One of our team’s fun exercises is the Festive icon pack and wallpaper. And while we're amidst the celebrations, we have an opportunity for our Indian users to delve into and experience this occasion. You can choose to install the wallpaper and the icon pack for a high-spirited and cheerful vibe to your home page. We hope you'll explore the creation of our team, designed and inspired by the culture and beliefs of India.

    Icon Pack download Here http://download.h2os.com/apk/OPIconpackDiwali.apk
    7T Wallpaper download Here
    7T Pro Wallpaper download Here
    The wallpaper and Icon Pack can be insatlled on all devices, OnePlus 3 onwards

    To end with, Ujjwal would like to announce that the hunt for designers for the biggest R&D center of OnePlus is on. We’re on the lookout for creative and visual individuals globally, for our Hyderabad office. If you think you could contribute to the fast and smooth experience of OnePlus, please visit the official careers page and take a gander at the open positions.

    Catch up with all the excitement right here.
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    Hush... Its the 7T Pro that was planned... (´ ∀ ` *)

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    Waoh Manu.. This is what oneplus talking about ig

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    They edited it rather quickly

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    Thank you, @Manu J. . Downloading!

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    @Manu J. i downloaded the icon pack and uc browser got downloaded..
    Download failed

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    OnEpLUs 8 pRoOo


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    The download link fr the icon pack is broken @Manu J.