[Fiiirst] OnePlus Silk White Powerbank Unboxing! (with pics)

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    Toulouse , Jan 26, 2015 :
    Hello everyone!

    - Thread date: 01/26/2015 / 26/01/2015

    Last friday I just received a mail asking me to pick up a package from Netherlands on the post office :rolleyes: I was sceptical since I never gave my address on Internet etc, I was seriously thinking it was maybe a package from ShitExpress or something like that.

    So, when I came back from school, left the tube (metro, subway), I immediatly went to the post office to pick up my package :D When they gave it to me, I began to think it was something from Oneplus, or another electronic thing: and I was right, I torn the paper-package and I just saw the beautiful OnePlus logo on the powerbank haha



    This powerbank is one of the best I've seen, in only 2 hours of usage, I already love it! It very well designed, it's well-built, it's intelligent: you have to shake it to turn it on, when your phone is fully charged, it turn off itself to protect your battery etc..

    Also, the normal price is affordable, only 15 EUR / 15 USD (ftw) for that piece of sweet is jut awesome! Unfortunately the shipping costs may be expensive :( But I still recommend it. I love the feel of the Silk on my One so I love it too on the powerbank.

    • Well built, intelligent, well designed
    • Looks sexy, nice feel!
    • Can charge your One up to three time in only 1 charge
    • Charges almost as fast as the wall charger
    • Cheap price!!
    • Nice package, nice cable
    • Feels premium :p
    • Sandstone Black / Silk White color are available

    • Shipping costs may be expensive :(
    • The Silk White may get a bit yellowish after few months, but it can get cleaned
    • The Sandstone Black may lose his feel after few months, but don't worry: it will became a Obsidian black powerbank :')

    I absolutely recommend this powerbank to everyone.
    Buy it !


    So, lets go! Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures btw

    When you get the package, it looks something like that, a nice OnePlus package. You can see the Oneplus logo and the powerbank through a small "window" of transparent plastic!


    On the back of the package, there are the item informations, like SKU, name etc. I don't think there is something very important here: except the name and the color, and the barcode of course.


    When you open the box, you'll have to take the USB cable, it looks like a normal USB cable, it's flat, and it has Oneplus logo. Btw: it seems that it's the same feel than the powerbank, and the styleswap! nice!


    Then, We got the Powerbank. It's not heavy, it looks very premium and has a nice feel: the same as Silk White StyleSwap. It charges almost as fast as the wall charger: 9% in 10 minutes (while the wall charger is 10% for 10 minutes).


    Finnaly you got the Instructions manual :) It's also the warranty card! So don't lose it, if you lose it, then you can say bye to your warranty :D


    Sorry for this short unboxing but I have to go away, I'll do a review later, with better pics, of course :) I recommend this powerbank to everyone, it feels great, charges fast, nice packaging, no useless buttons (actually there is not any button haha), nice design for a cheap price (free for me :D) :) :)

    I don't know how I won this, but thank's Oneplus!
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    Nice! ... But you don't want that. Its no use. Ill send you my address and you can get it in the mail.. ;)

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    Lmfao yeah right, PM me your address

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    Toulouse , Jan 26, 2015 :
    It's not heavy ! Its approx the same size than the One.


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    Cool. Needless to say everyone will be well jealous!

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    You are the king of potatoes!:D

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    Congratz on getting this nice looking portable battery.
    I hope I get 1 too.

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