Finally found a way to play MCX on Oneplus 2


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  1. ninadsarang
    Froyo Nov 18, 2015

    ninadsarang , Nov 18, 2015 :
    Guys Good news,
    I found a way to play Mortal Kombat X on OP2
    those who are facing issue with force close of game after intro do the following,
    1)download gltools app from xda link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-gltools-1-29-t2828630
    2)now install gltools and reboot
    3)then select MCX from app and enable>> Enable custom settings for this app
    4)Now there are two workarounds,
    i] Use lower render resolution >> 0.5x (after this start game once, game will start but with glitches now close the game and again change value to 1x(Disabled)) now run game it will work flawlessly.
    ii] second option is to>> tick Use fake GPU info and select adreno 320 template.and start the game.

    Note: one should work but if not use both tricks game will work fine.
    I hope this will work for you guys
    Please read gltools description in case any doubt and give credits to developers :) ;):):D
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  2. ninadsarang
    Froyo Nov 18, 2015

  3. MaEdCo
    Eclair Nov 26, 2015