Fingerprint not working on hide apps via OnePlus Nord Gray Onyx

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  2. Himanshu.Behera
    Jelly Bean Jan 24, 2022

    Himanshu.Behera , via OnePlus Nord , Jan 24, 2022 :
    Remove all screen lock methods completely (Pin, Fingerprint, Pattern and Facelock, etc)

    Restart the phone. This might resolve this issue.
    Now again set up the Fingerprint and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

    Or else Try this 👇

    1. Turn off the device by pressing the Power button and then tapping Power off option
    2. Then press and hold together the Power button and the Volume down key
    3. Continue to hold both keys until OnePlus logo appears
    4. Press the Volume Up and Volume Down key to navigate the menu and then press the Power button to select the language
    5. Alternatively, you can just tap the language to select
    6. Next, select Wipe data and cache and then tap Wipe cache
    Tap Yes to continue
    7. When the wipe is completed successfully, Reboot is highlighted
    8. Tap Reboot to continue and restart the device.

    But follow the steps carefully

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  3. H.S.S
    Jelly Bean Jan 24, 2022