Fingerprint reader does not show in apps via OnePlus 7 Pro

  1. amith000
    Gingerbread Nov 4, 2019

    amith000 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Nov 4, 2019 :
    Fingerprint reader is not showing up for apps which requires fingerprint scanning to unlock the app. have tried with many apps. Fingerprint reader never opens. This is happening only after the new update which was released. This is getting irritated because I have to put the password of the app every time now.

  2. F1559508176917
    Cupcake Nov 6, 2019

    F1559508176917 , Nov 6, 2019 :
    Same here. I have just changed the unlock pattern and now all apps which were requiring fingerprint now not requiring and even after reinstalling and trying to turn on the fingerprint access is not helping.

  3. F1559508176917
    Cupcake Nov 6, 2019

    F1559508176917 , Nov 6, 2019 :
    If you have changed the pattern of lock screen try to change it back to the previous pattern. it worked for me

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  4. amith000
    Gingerbread Nov 8, 2019

    amith000 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Nov 8, 2019 :
    Hi thanks. it is working now. OnePlus should take care of these bugs. see no one replied from the team [e]1f613[/e].

  5. Sensetrigger
    Cupcake Nov 15, 2019

    Sensetrigger , Nov 15, 2019 :
    I had same problem, but now there another: if I using fingerprint authentication in any application AND it isn't recognized - there are no popup window like "try again". It just disappeared. You need to restart application to take a second chance (or, in some cases, go to home screen and open app again). I tried everything to fix this (factory reset too) and nothing helped.

    Firstly this bug appear in 10.0.1, but even in Open Beta 5 I have the same issue.

  6. ghitesh
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 13, 2019

    ghitesh , Dec 13, 2019 :
    Worked for me. Additionally, it continued working even after changing the PIN to new value now.

    Oneplus should handle the bugs :/

  7. DiGGeN Tech
    Donut Dec 13, 2019

    DiGGeN Tech , Dec 13, 2019 :
    Hello everyone
    The same for me : After recent OnePlus 7 Pro System updates, FingerPrint Sensor started acting weird.
    It does work perfectly fine unlocking the device itself, but It doesn't work anymore for many (not all of them) 3rd party Apps I'm using. It's mainly impacting banking, financial, SmartHome apps, etc.
    Of course, some other apps still work, but in my case, about 50% won't authenticate anymore with the fingerprint:
    These "non working" apps seem not to be able to "trigger" the in-display fingerprint authentication sensor anymore, like they don't see or detect it anymore.
    Thanks for your help !