Fingerprint reader working unreliably due to dry finger or ambient light

  1. OP Newbie
    Cupcake Jun 28, 2020

    OP Newbie , Jun 28, 2020 :
    I report an issue here completely different to something I reported in a different thread. So please don't remove or merge. Originally posted text:

    "I don't know what to do anymore. I have registered my fingerprints in a moderately lit room, very thoroughly, and it worked really well. Now when my finger is rather dry, e.g. right after waking up, or when I am outside and there is a lot of ambient light, my finger is not recognized. Being on a mountain tour or out on the streets in traffic is a really bad time for inputting a 20-digit secure password.

    This is the worst fingerprint reader I ever had on a phone."

    I tried following this step-by-step guide:
    But some of the menu options don't even seem to exist anymore (such as finding out which of your registered finger prints matches the scan you just provided most accurately).

    So is there an actual way to improve the FP reader reliability? Eg. registering the FPs in a certain ambient condition? Would it help to register with dry fingers in a rather bright environment? Or will the FP reader then give me a hard time with rather moist fingers in darkly lit environments?

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  2. OP Newbie
    Cupcake Jul 1, 2020

    OP Newbie , Jul 1, 2020 :
    An update to this: The proclaimed (in the link posted above) self-learning feature of the FP reader leads to recognition rates deteriorating over time. A newly registered finger will be recognized quickly in the beginning. But with time and usage this will get worse over time until it reaches apoint where the FP reader cannot be used reliably anymore. The only solution that is working for me is to re-register your fingers over and over and over again.

    OnePlus, please make an effort and repair the underlying piece of software to a state that is less frustrating for someone having spent 700 bucks on a "high-end" smartphone.

  3. J_Duece_81
    Gingerbread Jul 3, 2020

    J_Duece_81 , Jul 3, 2020 :
    I had this same problem and here's my solution, don't re-register your 'prints. I went through the same vicious cycle of re-registering my fingers for about two weeks. Then I simply added additional copies of those fingers along with the originals and it works fine now. It's probably more like the sensor works too well and detects minor changes that you wouldn't notice. Think wet hands vs dry hands. So register a set of prints and when the sensor fails to detect then add them again. I did this once, and since then I've had no problems but of course there's no guarantees. Good luck.

  4. V1515817788014
    Donut Jul 3, 2020

    V1515817788014 , Jul 3, 2020 :
    My OnePlus 5 is facing fingerprint scanner issue after the Oxygen 10 update . the scanner does not unlock the phone and also doesn't sense fingerprint password. It just shows "too many attempts , fingerprint disabled" whenever i try to unlock the phone. Please help me with a suggestion .

  5. Artemus.
    Nougat Jul 3, 2020

    Artemus. , Jul 3, 2020 :
    Wrong subforum. There's a section for 5/5T available to you in the list.