Finish/Paint on Power button coming off

  1. at0mixX
    Gingerbread Dec 22, 2018

    at0mixX , Dec 22, 2018 :
    Has anybody had any issue with the finish/paint rubbing off on their 6T? I just noticed it on my phone today. I can clearly see the silver along the edges of the power button. I expected normal wear and tear over time, but seeing as this phone was just released, I didn't expect to see any this soon.

    I know One Plus is a great company and I never had an issue with my OP3. I was just hoping for the same level of quality on the 6T, at least cosmetically. I'm still happy with the device, but seeing as it was finally released on a major carrier, I hope new users here in the US don't perceive the One Plus brand as being a cheaply built Chinese made phone.

    Anyways, let me know if you guys see the same thing and hopefully somebody from One Plus reads this and corrects the issue going forward.

  2. Aristo_de_melo_99
    Froyo Dec 22, 2018

  3. at0mixX
    Gingerbread Dec 22, 2018

    at0mixX , Dec 22, 2018 :
    I have the same version. I noticed that my alert slider may be affected too. I'm surprised there weren't many topics on the issue.

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  4. Aristo_de_melo_99
    Froyo Dec 23, 2018

    Aristo_de_melo_99 , Dec 23, 2018 :
    same here dude... it feels kinda loose now.. totally forgot to mention that.

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