First CM 14 nightly for OP3

  1. AcmE85
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 9, 2016

    AcmE85 , Nov 9, 2016 :
    Calm down, there is already a full device tree for the OPO (Bacon) on CM14.1 and XDA has some unofficial builds for quite some time like this one:

    CM is not CyanogenOS, which means they don't have to pass Google's test suite so vulkan support is not an issue for CyanogenMod.

    On Google+ a CM dev said that they still need to fix some stuff before the OPO gets official nightlies...

    As you can see here, they are actively working on it:
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  2. sashachoo
    Froyo Nov 9, 2016

  3. thahusyn
    Gingerbread Nov 9, 2016

  4. Shaarang Jeet
    Froyo Nov 9, 2016

    Shaarang Jeet , Nov 9, 2016 :
    Waiting for a bug list. i tried the unofficial cm14.1 builds. couldn't bare the call echo. waiting to know if these bugs are fixed.

  5. bravchenko
    Donut Nov 9, 2016

    bravchenko , Nov 9, 2016 :
    i've installed latest nightly cm 14.1 and i see only one crash of cm bug report's app. It's very smooth and i love it but in call nobody listen. This is a very bad bug, i have a phone but i can't call.

    vocal message in whatsapp and telegram work fine

    sorry for my english

  6. PCesar.Cercal
    KitKat Nov 9, 2016

    PCesar.Cercal , Nov 9, 2016 :
    I have this problem to. Have fiz?

  7. bravchenko
    Donut Nov 9, 2016

  8. kiran.sampathnr
    Honeycomb Nov 10, 2016

    kiran.sampathnr , Nov 10, 2016 :
    Samasung galaxy S5 and OPO have the exact same processor S801 and it is 32 Bit...

  9. Nitheesh Reddy M
    Honeycomb Nov 10, 2016

    Nitheesh Reddy M , Nov 10, 2016 :
    Will there be any battery issues when I flash CM 14.1 nightly? Battery issues as in overheating, bulging of the battery or stuff like that?