First month (and some days) of proud ownership. Funny story and some issues.


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  1. xadavalu
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 20, 2014

    xadavalu , Sep 20, 2014 :
    I love this phone. It is beautiful. It is elegant. It is powerful. It is fast. The delivery time after i paid for it was just two days. The unboxing experience is pretty cool. The camera takes beautiful pictures. The speakers are very loud while keeping great sound quality. I could go on and on.

    I was looking for wallet cases specifically and found three that i liked, bought them all. One was huge, almost like a small purse. The second one didn´t work properly (the card holder pockets had no end and the cards collected at the bottom causing the case to deform and getting the cards out to be very uncomfortable) and the third one was almost perfect. I say almost because it doesn´t have the stand function and the magnetic fastener is very instrusive, also the borders that hold the phone in place just barely fit the side buttons making it not perfect but not bad at all.

    Case #1 http://www.amazon.com/OnePlus-One-h...11207747&sr=8-7&keywords=oneplus wallet cases
    Case #2 http://www.amazon.com/kwmobile®-Ele...11207747&sr=8-3&keywords=oneplus wallet cases
    Case #3 http://www.amazon.com/MPERO-FLEX-FL...1207747&sr=8-14&keywords=oneplus wallet cases

    To anyone that is, or knows someone who is in the business of making wallet cases. I would pay good money for a wallet case with these specifications:

    - hard and flat material for the outside
    - 2 card holders that fit cards perfectly in place
    - extra pocket behind card holders for folded cash
    - stand function
    - visible notification light, camera and microphone in the front when closed
    - hard phone holder that snaps the phone in place
    - proper fit for side buttons, microphones, speakers, audio jack and back camera
    - no branding anywhere
    - available through Amazon
    - and most importantly, NO MAGNETIC FASTENER! The case should be made like those snap-on bracelets.

    This is the best example i could find:
    Please contact me if all of the specifications are possible.

    I am not really someone who seeks attention but it amuses me when i see the face of someone who knows what phone this is and can´t hold their questions and excitement back.
    I have never seen this with any phone before.
    Whenever a great new phone hits the market, of course there is excitement, but it soon passes since its relatively easy to get said phone. Obviously this is not the case with the opo.
    The first time i got a "reaction" was when i went to at&t to get a sim card. I didn´t know about several carriers in the U.S being cdm only and had had to listen to their sales talk only to get told that my phone wouldn´t work with them at the end of their 15 minute, time wasting sales talk. So i just marched into the at&t store and asked, phone in hand, "can you make this phone work on your network?", the guy´s eyes flashed and opened wide, he went "IS THAT A ONEPLUS?! very excitedly, almost yelling, "JOE!!! WE´VE GOT A ONE OVER HERE" and another sales guy came almost running, pushing through a herd of other shoppers and asked kind of nervously "may i hold it?". I was mesmerized by the reaction and said "sure, check it out".

    I think its a funny story and wanted to share it. Also i wanted to give some context before my questions below. I don´t want people to get discouraged about waiting for it, or to think that i am in any way dissatisfied. The problems with it are minor but frustrating.

    Anyone that could help me out with answers would be greatly appreciated.

    1) I bought the phone on august 4th, when am i getting my invites to share? I have tried contacting oneplus but have not heard back from anyone. I read that there is going to be open sales for the opo in october, will i get my invites to share before then?

    2) I still have some annoying bugs that are not getting fixed, i noticed there is a new cyanogen update but the phone doesn´t offer it when i search for it. Should i download it directly from some link? Would this fix some bugs? Why doesn´t the phone offer the update?

    3) Why oh why can´t i create folders in the app drawer on stock trebuchet? I had to buy and download nova launcher which annoyed me so much. To me this seems like a massive mistake, especially for a product which has high customization as a major selling point.

    I hope everyone enjoys the post and sorry if its a bit too long, even though its exactly as long as it needs to be.

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  2. mandar45
    KitKat Sep 20, 2014

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