1. retrohelix
    Donut Sep 29, 2014

    retrohelix , Sep 29, 2014 :
    New here and noticed that there's no threads for fishing (other than for invites!). There must be some budding anglers amongst us technical types here... I hope. I thought this would be a good place to share fishing stories, catch reports, rig making, tips & tricks the like.

    These threads usually follow a format, so I suggest that we start simple:
    1. How long you've been fishing and how you got into it
    2. Target species (if you have one)
    3. Your personal best
    I'll start.

    I've only been at it for a mere few months. A friend at work brought in his gear for an after-work evening session and I took an interest, a week later I was tying my own rigs and absorbing every single bit of fishing-related information I could find. After catching my first fish on a feeder rod, I've been diagnosed with the "carp bug" and have since upgraded my set up to two rods and have been on the bank every weekend since.

    My target species is primarily carp, but I will take anything :) I would eventually like to start piking and will definitely be gearing up for catfish in the future.

    My PB is guesstimated to be roughly 20lb of pristine common carp, caught on a blowback rig with a snowman boilie/popup bait presentation. I don't weigh them as it's not what's important to me at this stage.

  2. L1638768264499
    Donut Dec 6, 2021

    L1638768264499 , Dec 6, 2021 :
    Happy to see a fishing related thread. I am also a professional angler and yes now we will start different thread on this topic in future.