Fix to Prevent OOS from Murdering Background Apps. (ROOT)

  1. Praty_28
    KitKat Nov 25, 2019

    Praty_28 , Nov 25, 2019 :
    This Fix is not just for 3/3T but for all devices running Oxygen OS. The only caveat is that you require root for this to work.

    The problem
    OOS is widely known to kill background apps, even those whitelisted under the battery optimization list. It has been reported time and again on this forums as well as multiple other online platforms but oneplus has always turned a blind eye towards this issue. Just to squeeze a few extra minutes of battery life its not worth missing on important reminders, alerts and notifications.

    I've been using my oneplus 3T for around 3 years now and i have missed on countless important whatsapp message and emails. It's a shame that for oneplus to acknowledge this bug it took more than 3 full years. In the recent open ear forums, the issue was raised and they finally have decided to do something about it. Only time will tell whether it will actually be implemented or not.

    Fix 1
    Root/ADB Needed.
    This is not created by me and i am linking the XDA thread from which i found the fix. My sole purpose of posting this here is because the fix is buried deep down in the search results and only after so many years i managed to find it.

    Steps (Temporary fix...resets to default after reboot)
    Open terminal emulator.

    1) Run the code "su" (without quotes)

    2) Next type the code "dumpsys deviceidle disable" (without quotes)

    3) If you get the following commands then you are good to go.

    Deep idle mode disabled
    Light idle mode disabled

    This needs to be repeated after every reboot but I'll link a magisk module created by a fellow xda user which does it automatically on boot.

    There are some more updated modules in the thread below but this one worked on my 3T running oos 9.0.4.

    Magisk module - https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-6t/how-to/guide-notification-fix-100-t3865551/post79049370

    Warning people have reported that the module causes their phone to reboot to bootloader on some oos versions. So if any specific one from the thread works for you do post your results below.

    To get out of bootloop - From TWRP file manager goto /data/adb/modules (delete the the fix module) >>reboot

    Fix 2
    Make Sure you backup your build.prop file before you make any changes.

    Now to the additional step which i also found a while ago.

    Oneplus also has a background process limit which further aggressively kills apps even if you have over 50-60% of free ram available.

    Step 1
    Open a root file manager go to /system >> build.prop >> text editor

    Step 2
    Find the line
    ro.vendor.qti.sys.fw.bservice_limit=5 (change the value to 60 or more) then reboot.

    Finally after combining Fix 1 & 2 i can use whatsapp web without constantly having to keep the screen awake, can use my torrent downloader overnight (for downloading scientific research data of course) and also not miss on important messages and emails. I'm using this fix for over 24 hours now and i haven't noticed any abnormal drains. In fact I feel my battery life has improved all that useless killing and relaunching of apps drained battery more than it saved.

    Tldr - Follow the 2 fix steps to get rid of the unnecessary killing.
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  2. ghostofcain
    Marshmallow Nov 25, 2019

    ghostofcain , Nov 25, 2019 :
    A minor quibble, but under fix 1, you suggest if the fix causes a reboot to bootloader, to delete the modules from /data/adb/modules, yet fix 1 doesn't actually involve installing any modules.

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  3. Sau0211
    Gingerbread Nov 25, 2019

    Sau0211 , via OnePlus 3 , Nov 25, 2019 :
    I didn't face that issue for the whitelisted apps. I received notifications for all apps that were whitelisted without any issues.

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  4. Praty_28
    KitKat Nov 25, 2019

    Praty_28 , Nov 25, 2019 :
    Thanks for pointing that out, it only happens if you flash the magisk module that automates the terminal script, ill add that warning msg after the link so that people don't get confused.

  5. Praty_28
    KitKat Nov 25, 2019

    Praty_28 , Nov 25, 2019 :
    You probably might not have noticed the delay in notifications, or maybe you only have a few apps installed so the system is able to keep them running in the background.

  6. Xiaobin_Lu
    Gingerbread Nov 27, 2019

    Xiaobin_Lu , Nov 27, 2019 :
    Thanks for the info even tho i don’t like rooting the phone. I’ll return the 8G ram 7pro if its ram management is still like shit. Jumped into OnePlus wagon without know their dirty business about this excessive background apps killing. Which caused so much anxiety to me. The Black Friday $550 7pro 8G ram 256G storage is too hard to pass. Middle finger to OnePlus for killing the apps in the background for just extra a few minutes screen on time. Even my iPhone se can multiTasking better than their shit 6G ram 6T.

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  7. Praty_28
    KitKat Nov 27, 2019

    Praty_28 , Nov 27, 2019 :
    I know right, what's the point of having 8 - 12gb ram if you don't get to use it to its full extent o_O having just one foreground app that can use the ram properly makes absolutely no sense to me. The main purpose of having high ram is efficient multitasking at which oneplus fails miserably.