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    Gingerbread Feb 2, 2015

    idlebg , Feb 2, 2015 :
    Hey everyone,
    idle here(For some of you that might not ring a bell at all)
    but anyway i joined this community as i could not believe all the BS around this YELLOW Tint thing...
    All the posts around the web are just Hilarius.

    before i begin let me start with a legal

    0. LEGAL
    You understand and expressly agree that the use of this Tutorial is at your own risk.
    idle(thats me) shall not be liable for(including but not limited to/for?):
    .anything that happens to your device in the process of trying the fixes suggested below.
    .any paranormal activity or any other zombie outbreak incident
    Please teach yourself with basic knowledge before attempting anything from this thread or ANY other post that suggests a FIX
    I am not affiliated anyway with ONEPLUS TECH LIMITED(Shenzhen OnePlus Technology Co. Ltd) or the Factories!!!
    neither do i have a girlfriend/wife/mistress/shemale/ladylove or anything from the company that i want to impress.


    there is a "problem"
    some phones have it and some does not. but please read before you return/ask for refund/initiate a chargeback or jump from a bridge ...

    and most importantly before you try some of the "fixes" available around.


    1. INTRO

    Most of you dont know me.
    Behind the scene i have debugged a few problems for samsung, htc and others... usually my voice is heard... samsung lately are behaving protective about their gear s but that's another sorry.
    Overall i consider my self a smart person(trust me i am an engineer) and 90% of the time i usually know what i am talking about.
    The other 10%(that's why the LEAGAL above is so important)
    .... usually weekends after a huge quantity of


    so here it goes ...

    read at your own risk.

    1.1 The YELLOW Tint it self (in theory)
    Lets start with the scary part.
    The Yellow TINT problem exists and its there.
    Some people have it some dont.
    My own believe is really 50/50% chance you might have it.
    BUT thats not a reason not to buy OPO or return it.
    Even if you have it.. its fixable (up to some point thats its not noticeable).

    I personally got 2 phones recently on the 8th of Jan 2015.
    Both shipped from to the US

    So people from India and other outside US Countries complaining that they got lower quality special edition crap phones please stop with that bs.
    Yeah you can get low quality crap Oneplus one phones from:

    ALL Oneplus ONE's are the same on as it comes to hardware.
    Yep they made the CYNOGEN logo change ... and as much as i love Cynogen i am behind Oneplus after they get scr*d legally for the India market.

    So... here i am ... got 2 new phones without the logo.
    One of them developed the yellow tint after 4 days of use.
    And the other one did not.
    Consider Both are used by 2 different persons(i will point out why i think this is a thing too).

    The TINT it self is a gradient starting from around 60% Alpha levels(transparency) and going up the screen 2-3cm in a gradient up to the highest point at 0Alpha levels.

    it looks in theory something like this:
    (the same gradient is applied on all the versions).

    So in theory what you are experiencing is a sort of a bleed or partiality dimming of the back-light.
    As this is not an SUPER AMOLED DISPLAY and as every other screen out there works this way.
    The back light is the ligh / lamp.. the thing that light all the color pixel.
    Again The Back light is just a WHITE light that should light up all the pixels.
    (i think it should be in the Warm White 3500K range but not sure).

    So without getting technical the light it self is being partially blocked in a gradient pater starting ~40% dimness up to 0%.
    (we are still talking black and white here)


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  2. idlebg
    Gingerbread Feb 2, 2015

    idlebg , Feb 2, 2015 :
    Then why the tint is YELLOW?

    By dimming the backligh that should be above 3500K(intact some other manufacturers are pushing it more than 5000k/Bright white heading to blue) the light drops below 3500K and this is considered warm yellow light.

    so still here ?
    Here is one more try:
    more obstacles more dim on the the back light ....
    so of the actual white will fade to yellowish tint.

    So at one point Oneplus are right that this yellow tint is coming from their warmer displays.
    Thats why obstacles can create this fade and change in color.

    So i am sure most of you with this problem will react
    along the line with i want my money back etc...

    So before we all start with the blaming game and pointing fingers at Oneplus
    let me share you this:

    Here is a 4 times more expensive Samsung screen that had this recently

    This is a 3 days OLD Samsung TV (the most expensive for the size).
    With all my connections Samsung did not want to make a replacement until the back light failed totally.

    Here the situation with the OPO is different
    - the back light is working
    - the screen is working
    so what to replace?
    the tint is something that in my professional career i saw on many many other brands so far.

    In fact in a few days one the LG's flagship phones is coming to me with the same problem
    lol :D funny :D
    (if legally i can share more info i will do it in here).

    So draw the line...
    you have it !
    in theory it should not spread.
    There is a chance that it will disappear but... as Oneplus also are not giving any hints we can guess the cause.

    3. FIXES

    Ooook this is the main reason i joined this community. I have much respect for Oneplus(the company) and looking at some posts and even youtube clips on how to fix this made me laugh at first with this in mind:
    If you do some of the suggestions you really should not have Oneplus phone in the first place.

    But then again i saw some really smart people pointing out couses and fixes and then they get hammered by others with 1000+ more posts
    and those same 1000+ more start threads with FIXES that might actually damage the phone it self.
    People are listening to those FIXES as they see a legit 1000+ poster.
    that probably usually is a 900 posts in
    and 100 post asking for an invite
    and in the end does not have the phone it self.


    So back to fixing
    ... there is obviously something Blocking(dimming) the backlight in a gradient from top to bottom.
    The logical explanation is the glue. That actually explains why some people have it and some dont
    from the same batches.(why i had it and the other phone did not / if i forget remind me to post this theory too).

    I admire the creativity done so far and people sharing knowledge and & know-how on the process of curing the LOCA glue.
    LOCA it self stand for
    Liquid optically clear adhesive
    so the glue it self is clear and in small amounts but it does refract the light differently when not fully cured "baked".

    In theory(again) and extra UV light will finish the process.
    Multiple suggestions point to putting the phone in UV light for 5-10min
    depending on the UV lamp it self.
    so far again people who probably did not see the actual process are really close...
    but this is where sh*t hits the fan...

    UV light suggestions:
    3.1) Use a standard UV nail polish light to will cure the LOCA completly.
    Well i am not a physicist.... but i am a chemical engineer and
    this thing:
    wont cure sh*t.
    Get some LOCA and try it!
    best case scenario it will start the process at different spots
    as those are really cheap made and usually have different UV emitting spots.
    Not to mention the emitted heat that will get everything even worse.

    3.2) Use sun light
    Everything made sense(kind of) up to here. After that point
    The sun light it self contains UV light.. that's a fact ... but
    curing LOCA on sun light... lol ... it is possible
    but the process will require even more equipment.

    Ok think about it. lets put it in simple words:
    The UV light from the sun is week so longer exposure is need.
    but even in perfect conditions with direct sun light
    The glue will create a firm layer and stop the week UV to penetrate further.
    This is in perfect conditions.

    Now the main problem that bothers me is.. that this sun light thing WILL DAMAGE your phone
    And the guy who made this:

    WOW... this should be deleted from youtube as people might and will damage their phones.
    its almost the same as put your phone in a microwave to charge it.
    or the best one:

    you know thats fake.. then why would you do the car thing ?!?!??!

    What will happen:

    ALMOST no UV will pass thru that wind shield.
    Every decent car have UV protective coating.
    If my understanding about descent car is different than mine
    then ok some UV light will pass.
    By the time the required amount of UV reaches the phone you phone will be BAKED on a 70-80°C(~170°F) temperature.
    You will end up damaging further the display from the heat it self.

    the glue does not bake/heal/cure form high temperature.


    Even at home.

    Direct sunlight will damage the display it self.
    Changing its colors (thats unfixable) and not covered by warranty.

    So what to do ?

    Again everything point at something that blocks the back light
    that something have to be the glue

    The fact that mine Oneplus One did not have it at first got me thinking that actually the heat it self made the already cured LOCA change its structure and dim the display.

    I did all my best to expose the phone for 5 min at a professional UV c spot light that is actually bad for your health.

    That for my surprise returned some results for a few hours.

    But then again this might be a placebo from the light it self as i was not wearing any protective eye ware.

    Despite the fact that even if it worked i am more screwed as i can not finish the process fully at home..
    But i installed my UV lamp that i have back from 1999 at least.

    To Eliminate the heat i moved the phone higher and kept it for 2 hours.
    (the uv at that height is lower and the lamp its self is old).


    Ended up with a slightly less yellow tint.


    Dont attempt any of the above fixes. None of them will provide a benefit that will be worth the risk.

    and i am not even mentioning the "put a pressure" on the spot suggestion.

    You are seeing the tint because its with different color than the warm white that the Oneplus is giving overall.
    Since the problem is from the backlight it self and there is no damage to the display forcing the display(pixels them self) to be with e blue tint will fix the problem.

    this guy
    is a brilliant for making this

    That little software is your solution.
    Configuring it to put more blue tint as a gradient at the bottom remove the yellow TINT!

    As again the backlight is WORKING and the display it self is ok
    removing the Yellow ting leaves an almost unoticable spot that its just a hint (~30-40% darker in the bottom).

    You will end up with something like this

    Then adjust the transparency lvl of the blue gradient so that it matches you tint lvl

    for me 91% did the job

    On the display it self the tint is gone.
    But on screen shots there will be a sligh blue gradient that's visable on other displays:


    So in the end i wrote all this just to try and convince everyone

    DONT try the UV and any other fixes.

    so thats that
    and now lets wait to get hammered.

    for those who are offended:


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    laanrobe , Feb 2, 2015 :
    5 minutes of my life I'll never get back :p

    And the point is?

    UPDATE: sorry, just read the second post, makes more sense now. I am a fan of @Aaahh screen equalizer as well, works well for me at 96% transparency.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2015

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    idlebg , Feb 2, 2015 :
    there is no way you red this for 5 min :D :p

    aaaand the point is that there are still people who damage their phones as of this moment

  7. idlebg
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    idlebg , Feb 2, 2015 :
    but you can get similar ones for free

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    gaster , Feb 2, 2015 :
    I had 10-12 minutes for this. I knew about all what you wrote already. I tried uv and sunlights before and of course nothing worked.But at last i just don't mind about this.

    Now it's like i can't see it cause i don't think about it. However may i spend 10-12 minutes for this, but i supposed that you spend more to write it :p Seriously now. I think the tint is lesser than before now after 5 months of use in my case

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    idlebg , Feb 4, 2015 :
    app just got updated (04.02.2015).
    and its even better than before.
    I encourage everyone to update asap