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  1. ByrdDroid
    Froyo Jul 25, 2014

    ByrdDroid , Jul 25, 2014 :
    This thread is intended to make it easy for OnePlus staff to find specific suggestions for improving the invite system for the next time. It is not intended as a complaint thread. Having done a forum search, there are complaints all over the place, but few threads for positive suggestions.
    My suggestion is to give invites to forum members first, and eliminate or reduce to one the sharable invites. By doing this, viral marketing is still accomplished, but forum members won't feel they fall further behind as sharable invites propagate.
    Many of the complaints seem to be targeted at problems with the sharable invites (profiteering, private contests, etc.).
    Post your positive suggestions you would like to OnePlus staff to be aware of here, if interested.
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  2. MediocreBadGuy
    Gingerbread Jul 25, 2014

  3. Sidiox
    Gingerbread Jul 25, 2014

    Sidiox , Jul 25, 2014 :
    Well the system is a bit annoying but this is what they chose, and I think they put quite a bit of thought into it, and well they do get a huge amount of extra webtraffic and pr because of this

  4. Thedon46
    Donut Jul 25, 2014

    Thedon46 , Jul 25, 2014 :
    The only improvement would be to get rid of the whole freakin invite system in the first place

  5. SSPC
    Honeycomb Jul 25, 2014

    SSPC , Jul 25, 2014 :
    Give to the members, who write at least 10 messages longer than 10 words on the forum.

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  6. rbis
    Gingerbread Jul 25, 2014

    rbis , Jul 25, 2014 :
    One person, one invite. What order you give them out in is a little harder to judge, but I'd say forum registration is about as fair as it gets.

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  7. matdumesnil
    Eclair Jul 25, 2014

  8. TakeMyMoney
    KitKat Jul 25, 2014

    TakeMyMoney , Jul 25, 2014 :
    I've got a perfect solution but I don't think they will go for it.

    When people receive shareables, instead of going through the forum and coming up with ways to get rid of them and thereby making a lot of people who have been waiting much longer unhappy, people who receive those shareables should be able to reject them using a button, which would put the invite back into rotation. Once an invite is rejected, immediately a new one is send to the next member id who didn't receive one yet.

    That, IMHO, would speed up the process and make it more fair.

    Please make this happen OnePlus.

    That way we don't have to hit the F5 button all day. Something most of us haven't got the time for anyway, even though we really like to buy the device.

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  9. Dave21
    Froyo Jul 25, 2014

    Dave21 , Jul 25, 2014 :
    Me! - sorry wrong thread.

    1. Ban people how make others jump through hoops for an invite (The problem with this is that OnePlus kind of started this trend!). There's a thread out there at the moment where a guy decided that he didn't want to give his invites out to those who asked the first time around, so set up a second thread with some kind of stupid quiz about him. What's he going to do next? Make people rub chillies in their eyes?

    2. Stop shareable invites and distribute based on membership numbers - It might be frustrating, but at least people know where they stand. and it would go alot quicker if the focus was based on this.

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