Free Floating App window in new OP 4.4.7 launcher update

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    Cupcake May 30, 2020

    X1562659523028 , May 30, 2020 :
    Hello Everyone

    Finally most interesting and awaiting feature has been updated in latest OP launcher 4.4.7 free floating form app.

    we previously have seen split screen for multi Tasker's which will helps user to use multiple windows at a time but limited to 2 windows on screen at a time,to solve this now other compitition companies have introduced free form floating window for all apps,"where all apps can be minimised in small size of window and we can move those windows all our the phone where we want.
    This is great that OP has reacted very quickly to cop up with compitition.

    how to use free form window of app

    1.Open Recent Apps

    2.Long-Press on the desired app window (which ever you want to make free form window)

    3.Now select a option of freeform option from drop down

    4.we can also resize freeform window according to our requirements

    Note:OP has not support Freeform window for all apps this is restricted to limited apps,where as compitition are supporting freeform window for 70% of all apps

    Hoping OP will improve and gives the support of freeform window option to almost all apps




    Thanks for reading my artical

    this is my first artical so please excuse me if any mistake or any wrong information has been communicated

    One again thanks and have a great day to all OP fan's