Friday Lucky Draw - Round 4

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  1. MHcharLEE
    Froyo Apr 29, 2016

    MHcharLEE , Apr 29, 2016 :
    There's a really long weekend waiting for me so I have nothing to do but enjoy it thoroughly. Gonna be away from the world, getting some cooldown, hopefully shooting some beautiful landscapes with my OPO. Most importantly, I'm gonna spend some time with family so I am really looking forward to it.

    Wish you all the best of luck and have a Nice weekend!

  2. flateric987
    Gingerbread Apr 29, 2016

  3. Miiku0
    Cupcake Apr 29, 2016

  4. nguru66
    Honeycomb Apr 29, 2016

    nguru66 , Apr 29, 2016 :
    My worst moment is when I found my oneplus 2 screen broken.
    Te best one when I repaired it whit my own hands.

  5. Urlav Mahida
    Cupcake Apr 29, 2016

    Urlav Mahida , Apr 29, 2016 :
    I haven't taken part in any of other contests or lucky draws but trying to get this one because My younger brother who happens to be "not so studious", started going for tuition classes this week and seeing him finally trying to work hard for his 9th grade, I just feel like giving him a gift.

  6. BitterHoney
    Honeycomb Apr 29, 2016

    BitterHoney , Apr 29, 2016 :
    I know that I am unlucky on every lucky draw.. Hope, this time I will be the luckiest one among the 10 guys...

  7. Court Mejias
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 29, 2016

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  8. Sinjan22
    Gingerbread Apr 29, 2016

  9. sfksuperman
    Honeycomb Apr 29, 2016

  10. alby1496
    Donut Apr 29, 2016

    alby1496 , Apr 29, 2016 :
    Today I went ti university with my girlfriend ad she was curious of how it is here.. At the end she understood what I means when I say that I'm tired at the end of the day :D

    Hope to win,
    To all the people who replied : Have a nice weekend!

  11. Nielesonimusso
    Cupcake Apr 29, 2016

  12. olmostblue
    Gingerbread Apr 29, 2016

    olmostblue , Apr 29, 2016 :
    The best moment of the week was spend an afternoon at the beach with my girlfriend who lives far away and had not seen for a month.
    The worst moment of the week was back in the office after the weekend.

  13. gerry03
    Gingerbread Apr 29, 2016

    gerry03 , Apr 29, 2016 :
    Just finished some very important work for college and now I feel free and ready to enjoy the weekend!
    Good luck to everyone!

  14. Deactivated User
    Apr 29, 2016

  15. hmuny99
    Gingerbread Apr 29, 2016

    hmuny99 , Apr 29, 2016 :
    Well this week was pretty awesome for me! I scored 32 points in a basketball match, finally there is a stable boeffla kernel for my awesome OPT e now i hope that i'll win this goregous backpack

  16. katheria09
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 29, 2016

  17. ferozgandhi007
    Honeycomb Apr 29, 2016

    ferozgandhi007 , Apr 29, 2016 :
    One for me please please...

  18. thebman712
    Cupcake Apr 29, 2016

    thebman712 , Apr 29, 2016 :
    I worked alot this week. So I guess it was both good and bad for me.

    Would also love a sick looking bag like that

  19. kasparkivi
    Donut Apr 29, 2016

  20. parth_305
    Honeycomb Apr 29, 2016