Friday Unlucky Draw: A Friday on the 13th

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    May 13, 2016

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    Avalon Goldbert , May 13, 2016 :
    You ask what in the world is going on? Do not ask! Be prepared for the worst!



  9. DRCH
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    DRCH , May 13, 2016 :
    My Ducky sense told me I should go and inspect the door that was trapping Adam and Emmanuel inside of the restroom...but i simply wasn't able to find anything
    But then I looked at the other speculations inside of this thread and then the answer of @dsmonteiro hit me! Both Adam and Emmanuel took Laxatives and they HAD to use the bathroom...but as soon as they got in they realized the toilets were chained! So they took the bag with the saws to free their salvation...but they really weren't able to achieve that
    They locked the door from the inside and what happened there...will be a deep dark secret and no one will ever figure it out

    But now we need a solution!
    So now we have the facts! With three of the four objects in the package we have a connection...the bag,the amulet and the Tape...but the mask is without any context
    And we all know it now! We have One unconnected thing and 3 connected ones...and what is the result ? One Plus Three...WHOA
    OnePlus 3! This has to be the sollution!

    But I have the strange feeling i am missing something important.. I might need to take a night shift today

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    mnm104 , May 13, 2016 :

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    rdnatty , May 13, 2016 :
    I believe it's the curse of the Cyano-gods which has plagued the OnePlus devices and is making people go insane.

    Not far ago the OnePlus town was a happy community thriving on the richness of the Cyano-gods whose blessings and fame brought a lot many tourists and believers to this town. Over time, the town grew with many tourists making it their home and believers culminating their pilgrimage. There were a few random tourists too who actually went back and spread it's fame far and wide. People continued to flock to this town making it grow larger and larger as we speak. In OnePlus town the people had finally found shelter, peace, harmony and the essence of life.
    But, change is the law of nature and OnePlus town wasn't spared either. The Cyano-gods got angry; they believed that the town had become too big a name and they were losing not only their significance but also the power they commanded. This was partly true as OnePlus town had truly become quite big and was the melting point of new ideas and cultures and the Cyano-gods were no longer the only thing the town could boast of.
    The Cyano-gods soon found a new and relatively unknown town for themselves in the hope of finding their groove back. In the process they left a void (and also a deadly curse) in OnePlus town which was hastily replaced by the townsfolk with a Color-god; since the town wouldn't function without a god. The townsfolk in their zeal to spread the teachings of Color-god failed to see his many shortcomings. The town mayor decided to remove all instances of Cyano-god from the minds and hearts of the people, and installed images of the Color-god everywhere. This was a rude shock for the good people citizens of OnePlus who used to the blessings of the Cyano-gods, couldn't digest that their god was gone and now they had to deal with the new Color-god. Many of the citizens, unsatisfied with the blessings of the Color-god, went back to worshiping the Cyano-god. Some still had faith and continued with the new beliefs.
    Little did the townsfolk know that the Color-god suffered from the curse of the Bug and as a result would leave it's believers in the lurch. After much clamouring from the good citizens, many changes were made that restored some faith in the Color-god. But he was far from perfect. The townsfolk realised that it'll be difficult to fill the shoes of Cyano-god and if they didn't act fast enough, then their popular town won't remain popular anymore. There are rumours that the townsfolk have found an antidote to the curse and will be able to remove all the ills of the Color-god through a powerful Marshmallow spell. Whether this is really true or actually doable, only time will tell.
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