Full OnePlus One Camera Guide, Including Third Party Apps

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    TheJames , Mar 8, 2015 :
    Dont think the one takes great night shots?

    “Full” OnePlus One Camera/Photo Guide

    Picture capturing is a huge part of our Smartphone world. Who has the best photo taker and captured the perfect shot is a big debate. It is more complicated then we want it to be, even with your mighty OnePlus One. This guide intends to make photo taking less guess work, and more likes from close friends and family. Unlike the original This guide will not limit its scope. The idea is finding what you need even if its one part at a time, instead of one short overview. You can choose to read part, or the whole guide depending on your needs. This is a full and massive guide. You can find out how to take the stock cyanogenmod to the Nth degree. Other people who experience bugs, problems or generall dislike can find alternative in Fv-5 or the Colour OS camera app. Most of you will learn to make choices on your method on picture taking greatness.

    1.1 Index


    1.1 Index
    1.2 How Good is the Camera?
    1.3 What App should I use?


    2.1 UHD vs DCI vs 1080p
    2.2 Cinema FV-5 Others Apps?
    2.3 Stabilization Video and Beyond

    3. Camera Settings

    3.1 Basic Cyanogen settings
    3.2 Touch to Focus
    3.3 Focus mode
    3.4 Exposure modes
    3.5 ISO
    3.6 Shutter Speed
    3.7 Quality
    3.8 Security
    3.9 RAW

    4 Time for other Apps

    4.1 Google camera
    4.2 Colour OS Camera
    4.2.1 Those Plugins
    4.3 Fv-5 camera
    4.4 lenovo super camera
    4.5 Open camera
    4.6 A Better Camera App
    4.7 Camera Next stock camera add on

    5. Shooting modes

    6. A Few things
    6.1 Common problems
    6.2 selfies.

    7.When and how to use RAW/DNG

    8. Your Own Stabilizer

    9. How to respond to this thread/ Conclusion

    1.2 How Good is the Camera?
    It is very good. Unfortunately that does not mean that it is simple. The one plus is very unlike something like a Iphone. Your One is like a jet fighter, complicated, and powerful. Iphones are like AK-47's, point and shoot the you'll see some results You need to beware of the Ones strengths, and weaknesses. With these in mind your picture quality can meet any other Iphone, or Samsung out there. In daylight for capturing irreplaceable moment the one is a photo taking machine. Due to a major lack of stabilization night photo's can suffer. Don t let that make you think you cant get a great shot. People both complain about and praise this camera. You can become the latter.

    1.3 What App should I use?

    Here is the biggest and most important question you can ask. What kind of photo you take, and the difficulty in taking that shot are all decided here. Advanced user swear buy the Fv-5 camera app, and recently introduced Colour OS. Other declare Google camera's simplicity of shot cannot be equaled. There are alot of diffrent apps. It come down to how much your willing to invest. People who just want to point and click google or lenovo camera all the way. You can easily get away with not reading even the their camera section of this guide. They have easy and simple interfaces. Many (not including this writer) consider it superior to the stock app, and find it more than adequate for all their needs. If your looking for something more advanced Fv-5 is a paid camera arguably superior to all others. Sporting high end camera controls and great picture quality. There are others to Open camera, Lenovo, and better camera app too. Google and Fv-5 are the most common alternatives. One being simple, the other complex. You'll want to decide early on which one will be yours. We will get deeply into each one later.

    2.Video's are memories just like photo. Just like photo taking there's options big and small, and a thing or two you might find helpful.

    2.1 UHD vs DCI vs 1080p

    4K DCI and 4k UHD is the highest resolution you can capture on the One+. In a few years most people will actually have a TV that can display it. UHD is best for capturing memories though. I don't recommend 4k DCI. Why? Well no one uses 4k DCI format. All 4k Televisions and most other 4k displays use UHD. With 4k DCI you also reduce the frame rate. Its great that the One+ is the only phone that can pull off 4K DCI. Still if you want to take it easy on the phone, and your available memory, 1080p is fine. Despite being a cinematic standard, DCI never made it to Television standards. If you really want 4k and its well lit you should be fine at UHD resolution. Also 4k is often grainy once things get just a little dark. UHD Is generally not recommended in low light. As for slow motion everyone needs to try out taking 120 FPS video once in their life.


    Cinema FV-5 Others Apps?

    Yes there are a lot of other apps. The latest camera-next extention can record 60fps at 1080p. Colour can even do 4k video and HDR video (great for complex lighting conditions). Unfortunately non of the other apps support 4k resolution (this could change with cyanogen mod 12s). If your willing to pay for serious manual control, film makers usually swear by cinema Fv-5. No 4k or slow motion, but its the best 1080p around.


    Stabilization Video And Beyond

    The number one problem with the One+ is the lack of Optical image stabilization(OIS). This is a Big problem for videos unless you buy or build your own hand-held stabilizer. There are ways to offset the shakiness, shoot in landscape mode, keep thumbs near bottom of corners and your fingers wraping over the phone pressing the phone lightly into your thumbs. And try to slow down your breath, and pan the camera around slowly as you move. This is cellphone not a High powered sports camera. Go slow. As for stabilization for photos, do much of the same. Landscape is a big help, along with exhaling as you take the shot. Changing your breathing can do more damage to a slow shutter modes than you think. Remember if your going shot beyond 2 second shutter its going to be very hard to get good shot. Youll need to be very still or find a solid object to lean the one+ on(window frame, street post -anything) or get a stabilizer (see section 8).

    3. Camera Settings

    3.1 Basic Cyanogen settings
    First off are your settings. In the vertical row of symbols when you start your camera, the bottom one includes your setting. Under general settings adding shutter/zoom functionality to your power and volume buttons, keeping the screen at max brightness when the camera is on and even turning on left handed mode are all adjustable.

    3.2 Focus Modes

    -Touch to focus:
    Almost every android phone locks in on the spot you touch. Focus and exposure adjust to that spot to ensure the best image quality for what you clicked on. This is a valuable tool in getting things in focus and proper exposure on your subject. Keep the time higher if you tend to take pictures of subjects rather than landscapes. And if you take landscape lower photos is better. Most people find the shorter 5s work for day to day and varied use. BE WARNED: If you leave this focus mode on and dont tap on your subject, your photos will be unfocused bloody horror.

    - Macro Continouse and infinity:
    If you’re taking a picture of moving subjects a lot, continuous picture is your safest bet. It is a live action mode and therefor battery draining. It might not be best if your taking photo of a lot of still subjects, but on average it has great results for more dynamic real life situations. Auto mode is great for more still objects when you don’t want constant refocusing of the shot. You get what you see in the moment more often. Macro and infinity are two extreme focusing modes. Macro is for taking ultra-close ups, such as of flowers or even bugs. When you are only a few inches away, it is time to hit the macro option. Infinity mode is for anything far off in the distance. Taking photo of faraway scenes, landscapes, or building requires this mode to capture the most detail.

    3.4 Exposure modes
    this is where the One’s camera has the biggest problem. Most casual users leave it on center weighted, which generally over exposes in bright light. Leave your exposure on frame average, you’ll find this reduces the washed out looks people have reported. Basically frame average keeps the whole shot in mind when choosing exposure. Center weighted and the even more extreme spot metering are for focusing on the center of the photo. Use them when your interested in a subject that doesn’t match surrounding lighting.

    3.5 ISO
    Rarely do people want to, or even can use the glaring “flash”. ISO Controls your camera’s light sensitivity. If you find the photo dim and you’re willing to take the extra noise, ISO allows you to change the light sensitivity of the camera. Turn the dark photo of your supper into a glowing well lit master piece. Next, a well-lit subject can be given a dark touch simply by adjusting the ISO. Tuning this setting requires more practice and knowledge. Most leave it on auto. Feel free to try though if you want a new look and effect.

    -Don t forget about HJR mode. Bring ups ISO and reduces shutter time. Gets ride of some blurring for those with shaky hands (hand jitter reduction – HJR).
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    3.6 Shutter speed.
    ISO may make sensors more sensitive to light, but shutter speed keeps it sensing longer. Brilliant photo can be taken in complete darkness because of this. Colour Os camera app supports many shutter speeds up 32 seconds. Fv-5 can even do 64 seconds and has more choices between. * is the max on stock. Either way after 2 seconds your looking shaky without a stabilizer on those shots.

    3.7 Quality
    For some reason many people, including this Author find 100% quality reduces file size. Reduced size means there is probably some type of bug from 100% quality. Even if your willing to do some serious testing its recommend you use 90% of 95% quality. 95% quality will create the best results in real life situations. Reguardless of what seems obvious, 100 percent is not necessarily highest quality.

    3.8 Security
    If you use a secure lockscreen, these settings will not be accessible on the fly. It might be a good idea to keep a camera profile ready that by passes the lock screen entirely making you ready to get that shot you need.

    3.9 RAW
    Unless using slow shutter keep(could crash your camera requiring reboot for some people) this feature on at all times. It saves raw camera data as a DNG file. Two files are saved your standard JPEG and the Raw DNG file. Using a wide array of powerful desktop programs, or even adobe photo shop express on your One+, ok images are easily edited into masterpieces. Learn to use this feature. it is one of the most powerful and unique tools of the One. When and how to use this in section 7.

    4. Time for other Apps
    Before moving onto different shooting modes of the stock camera, you need to be exposed to the idea of other camera apps. There are many. All with their own strength's and weaknesses. Before you go to far in your photography you need to know which is best for you. It is a personal choice that will affect the kind of shots you take, and excel at. Pick based on your needs. Later on you can master others, but the but you One+ will have photo taking ability based on which you choose.

    Google Camera is straight from mother google its self. Dependable, and fast capturing, it is easy to use. Few extras will be found here besides HDR (and some panorama and background blurring modes). Its only really neat trick is amazing photos spheres and panorama. If ever want to take great landscapes, or photograph an entire area 360 including ceiling, keep this in your camera app folder. Some people have sworn by its low light. Others find Colours off at night. Without raw its not highly recommended... Still you’ll almost with never have to switch modes, or missing the shot from a slow shutter. For those who don’t want to fuss with complex software or crashing this is defiantly it.


    Colour OS is by far one of the most powerful camera apps. It matches the best in terms of shutter speed, and recoil to the next shot, making amazing burst shots. Just press, and hold, and bam your bursting. This is the every day real life camera. Its was ported mid February to massive fan fare. The 50 Megapixel option helped create an instant craze. There reasons to take use app, but main because it can take a great shot of anything. Lowlight? 32 second shutter. Landscapes? Landscape mode + 50 Mega pixels. Babies, cats, and other moving objects? Fast shutter cures this nightmare. Real life does not support slow capture photography, But the One can capture it into a moving GIF. In the past fast shooters, like lenovo and Google camera were nearly featureless. Here we have a great shooter, combined with a feature rich camera. another cool trick draw a "V" on your target. Color os with hold the focus on it. If your creating a moving gif, it en-valuable to keep from losing you moving target. Also, video wise we have full 4k support, Even HDR video. In the next section we will go into the plug in's for Colour OS. They are what make smartphone photography so great. They Use the One's powerfull processor to do things many point and click or even DSLR's cannot do.

    HD Picture- This mode can be set to either 50 or 24 mega pixel. It takes ten photos and extrapolates the best 4 into a ultra high resolution shot. It is the perfect mode for anything standing even remotely still, and remember to shoot it 4:3 ration to get the full effect.
    GIF*- This mode turns up too 20 burst shots into and animated GIF. You want more detail? Try it out you'll love it.
    Slow shutter- increasing the shutter time by multiples of 2. Takes great shots in dark environments. Goes up by twos (.5,1,2,4,8,16, and 32) seconds.
    HDR- Standard just like on other apps pick out highlights and shadows much better
    Beauty*- Great for adding a certain look to photo's, its basically a bunch of lighting filters
    Double exposure*- takes two shots and morphed the differences together at different exposure. Hard to explain but you can get two ghosts of the same person in the same shot.
    RAW- Takes a second longer, but youll get a digital negative as a DNG.
    Professional Mode- includes the same slow shutter option and focus and ISO controls.

    *On some devices these mode make work on front facing camera as well

    O yes and here is how to get it.


    Fv-5 is the longtime favored CyanogenMod alternative. (It is a paid app on the playstore. Don’t bother with the free version, unless you want to test the interface). Manual controls, interface controls and just more controls are its most known feature. Do you want a shutter sound? heck even pick your volume, or keep screen brightness at max. Even set it to ensure focus before capture(a good idea). Use the volume keys to adjust ISO, exposure, color temperature, and even as use them as focus shutter buttons. (setting them to turn raw off for quality vs shutter speed is a good idea). Yes, RAW imaging is even supported. Not a shooting mode, just raw capture with every shot. If it did not slow down time between shots you'd forget it was on. Also, if you have a way to stabilize the phone shutter can be brought up to an incredible 64 seconds(remember to turn off raw, or you'll crash your camera). Note: that the app is always in landscape mode which should help you stabilize things in the first place. Now how do you take a good pic though? To get the perfect exposure you might want to use the exposure slider in the lower right corner. Beyond that its very straight forward. Simply point it, then click the shutter. For all the skill you can build with this app because of its improvements, it takes amazing point and click photos. You can improve with a trick here, and there, but this App simply takes great shots - thats what it is for. This is the most highly recommended alternative for a reason. There's no selfie cam, panorama, or even videos(separate app). You point you shoot you take a great shot. It has little else in mind

    Lenovo Similar in function to Google camera, It has just a few features. It takes photos quickly, and easily with quick focus, and shutter. In fact you can select different focus modes for even the video, continuous is recommended. If you want a simple shooter that still takes great pics, this is it. Simple and basic, but still really delivers in photo's and quality.


    Open CameraA favorite for those who like controls. You can really tinker with this app, and it takes great photos too. The HDR cannot be beat. Unfortunately despite image stabilization, and more shooting modes than all others combined, its not a winner. It lacks ease of use. Everything is clutterd in one menu. Nothing is placed intelligently. RAW is not possible, even if your running lollipop. Great app, but there's better. This might be a good simple shooter for those who want a few extra controls.

    A Better camera App has nearly as many deep setting features than Fv-5. It will not compare in photo quality. Fv-5 doesn't have HDR, or front camera. Where A Better Camera App lag in, is actually quality. Night shots are a mess. Day time pics are just not proper exposed. It take some ok pictures but their are simply better options. Im not saying those who are using it need to switch but those who test it beyond simple shooting will see it fail.


    Camera-Next Is the fastest an simplest improvement you can do to your stock camera. Like what CyangenMod built into the phone? Well many other do to. Now enjoy it with massive improvements. The main complaint with the stock app is shutter lag and low light shots. Camera Next improves both of these areas. It adds Insane 50 shot burst modes, digital image stabilization, and noise reduction. Next, incredible speed shutter controls, 1080p at 60fps and Video focus controls with that. You'll get an incredible and very powerful feature set that makes this a top pick. Many choose to keep the default shooter as their default. If that's you, get camera next here.


    Thanks @abhi08638
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    TheJames , Mar 8, 2015 :

    5. Shooting modes
    We all see those different shooting modes on different camera's. We all assume we have a good idea what they do. Well Lets look at some stock One+ shooting modes.

    -Auto: Jack of all traits mode. Auto is fast taking and fast focusing. It should get you through most good lighting and even some poor.

    -HDR: Mixes of extreme lighting conditions scare digital cameras. Dark shadows, and bright lights are not there go to zone. HDR fixes this, by taking 10 shots at different exposures. Capturing the photo in different dynamics ranges and mixing them helps solve the problem (hence HDR - High Dynamic Range). I takes a moment together the different shots needed so don't do moving objects. Be for warned though the One HDR is very powerful. It can make shots extremely bright, leaving late afternoon shots looking like broad-day-light. It can even capture grainy images in situations so dark that would otherwise be beyond the cameras ability. Still, it has an amazing affect on poor lighting conditions and should be mastered. Try taking a picture of a shadowy afternoon and with the sun making exposure a mess. You'll see what it can do.

    -Clear image:This mode blows everything out of the water, well when you have time to take a still. Taking 10 photos, clear image stitches them together into the clearest shot possible. Even under moderately low light condition, breath taking shots can be taken - plain and simple. Keep this mode in mind for anything that doesn’t move much. Use for any stills or landscapes.

    -Night: Here is where most smartphone cameras struggle. Lacking any stabilization the One is no different. Night mode increases shutter time, and ramps up the ISO, which can leave shots grainy. Still paired with RAW imaging, good shots are possible. Therefore, make sure you leave RAW capture on as you might often need to edit the image after.

    -Steady:This mode is hugely useful for a camera that lacks optical image stabilization. With this mode you can take shots while you’re heavily on the go. Remember it’s usually only one swipe down from auto mode. More important than usual, do not use performance profiles here. That will cost the OnePlus One the CPU horse power it needs to stabilize the shot and you will always have a blurred mess.

    Modes I don’t use
    There is no reason to keep every mode in your arsenal at all times. Click the little circle and then the magic wand to edit your available shooting modes. The list above is my preferred modes. Everyone has different tastes and camera needs. Choose wisely on what you keep a few swipes away, and which to keep buried in the settings. Failure to do so will keep important modes too many swipes away or or beyond your reach entirely when you need them the most.

    -Slow Shutter:This is a powerful mode best left out if you forget to turn off RAW every time you use it. It has been known to crash the camera in combination. Slowing the shutter though can drastically increase the amount of light received by the camera sensor. Darker places come to life without the degradation found in raising the ISO. The big problem is the One lack the stabilization that keeps these images from being blurry. Is you have steady hands, a stabilizer or a tripod, you will be the night shot king. Otherwise try to keep your slow shutter exposure time at 4 seconds unless you need 8.

    -Action: Increases ISO and uses a faster shutter speed to capture action. Anything moving will be captured at a slight expense of quality. Steady shot is from when your moving, this is when the subject is jumping around.

    -Smart Scene: Does a lot better than Auto mode. Its called ASD or auto scene detection in Colour OS. However it is much more powerful on the one. Primarily due to the fact on the CyanogenMod it has way more modes to pick from. Smart scene picks the best mode for you, and skips the guess work. This means it can handle bright and low light, stills and action, and any other ugly lighting you find your in-between. Remember its not as good as knowing what scene mode you want. Choose smart scene or ASD if you don't feel confident in your own choice, or want to skip the guess work.

    6. A Few things
    Important note #1 never put your OnePlus one in performance mode powersaver while taking pictures. It handcuff’s the camera in many different ways, and reduces video quality. You'll notice it when your shutter time doubled and CPU intensive shots – HDR, and Clear Image.”

    6.1 Common problems

    “Images are flat colourless.”

    Well the One+ often has difficulty with exposure. Many time it is simply due to leave the exposure more of default counterweighted. Switching to frame average is a big help in this department.

    “Everything is blurry, and out of focus”

    Leaving the focus mode on tap to focus is a great idea. It lets you pick and quickly set your focal point. Unfortunately, IF YOU DO NOT TAP THE SCREEN, SHOTS WILL BE OUT OF FOCUS. If every hing still takes to much time, and you want a faster focus, Lenovo super Camera, Colour OS camera shoots and focuses fast. They make great point and click Apps.

    “Why can't I see the pictures from other apps, or in the gallery at all?”

    Sometimes pictures can take a moment to be recognized by the gallery. In fact, many early Color OS builds created photos unrecognized by most gallery apps. Quick pic is usally the app to solve both problems. Its fast to recognize new photos, and play those amazing GIF's from Color OS camera as well. You will also need Astro file manager to find RAW- DNG files to edit later.

    6.2 Selfies:

    CyanogenMod: Generally you only need Beauty mode, and Steady Shot. Beauty mode is great for faces and has amazing exposure. Steady shot is for when your hands can't hit the shutter and stay still enough to get the shot, or use auto when you actually want to include the background on a landscape shot. . Action is another possible mode that does not require very still participants, but it reduces shutter time, so only use in bright light.

    Colour OS: Takes great selfies. As good as any other without any modes or things to fiddle with, making it very recommendable for those who take a lot. There's little to work with like the Google camera and thats the top feature here. (Oddly enough you need to most camera app reverse there selfies automatically so you can read text in the shot. This app does not. You need to enable that feature in setting if you wish)

    Google: Simple click and snap selfie cam. More than ok for a simple users, but other can do a better job. Like the two noted above.

    Lenovo super cam: Avoid. Its hard to use any of its features. The only thing that work well is a lenovo super cam stamp that often appears on you photo. Anyone can use this App without have to defend themselves for it. They wont takea picture of themselves with it though. Its just a mess avoid it for selfies.

    O And one more thing...Face The Light.

    7.When and how to use RAW/DNG
    Are you either limited in time or don't know how to use Raw imaging? Fine don't use it. It often slows your shutter speed to a halt. All of a sudden your camera-next modded Cyanogen app is taking photos slow. It is perfectly ok to not edit every image afterwards. If your just looking to take pictures, turn off Raw. It will clutter in your camera folder even after the JPEG image has been deleted. Capturing raw is simply not always needed in day to day picture taking. That does not mean it is not easily the most powerful feature in this cameras arsenal. Only three Apps are capable. Cyanogen, Colour OS, and Fv-5. Why such a big deal? It makes photos good enough to be memories. You can take a shot, where as long as the picture is focused, adjusting Colour, highlights, sharpness, shadows, and tint will make a breath taking image near, DSLR quality. JPEG the standard image format does this automatically. Results are not always perfect. A RAW DNG file are untouched, and can be edited without any image degradation. It is what the camera itself saw, not the filtered and compressed file your phone wants you to see. Use when your taking important photos. Family gatherings as opposed to night on the town. RAW can change the photo in ways you cannot imagine. Go ahead and download photoshop express. You can use it even instead of Photoshop on a computer. Lastly if you cannot find the RAW/DNG to edit on you phone try a third party file manager like Astro.

    8. Your Own Stabilizer
    Stabilization is a huge problem for both photos and videos. Have you ever tried to shoot 8 second shutter time by holding your hands still? If you haven't don't bother. You can hold your device against a pole, or frame to help, but chances are your not getting your great night shot. Video is just as bad, walking, talking to someone else or just about anything leads to shaky video's. Solutions exist, Tripods are tried and tested. Unfortunately there not very mobile. The solution – stabilizers. If you are serious about night shooting, or video taking, they're are great investment. Alot of serious enthusiast buy high end expensive stabilizers like theiKan FLY-X3. You can pick up lower end, non electric ones for a fourth the price online. You wont have that perfect professional clean look, but it will be a huge improvement, even for just videos. If you want something even cheaper have fun and build your own, you'll see a major improvement.

    Cheapest, easiest and simplest guide. You can find every thing at a hardware store, though it may be easier to buy gimble joint and bar magnet online.
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    Lastly look at these two pictures. They are some of the only ones on this guide. The right one is center weighted exposure creating a horribly over exposed jpeg. It is beyond help. The one on the left was done on frame average. it was also captured in RAW. Editing made the difference. You can do the same now. Keep this guide in mind. Keep your RAW imaging on, and Take the time to play with highlights, shadows and ect on Photoshop Express. Desktop applications are even more powerful. This is not just what RAW gives to picture taking, but knowleg. Knowlege is power here and with it you can take spectacular images that dont need any post editing or tinkering. You will find your Iphone 5s friends asking you to send them your photos like me. Pictures are about memories. It is hoped with this guide you will find keep some great ones. Good Luck. Now get out there!


    Now that your right into the photo game, whats next?

    1. Ask CyanogenMod via proper channels to add Digitaly stabilized image, better night processing, and Video to the One. Here are some links to vote for that.

    2. Read all of cinegiak different post (and demand he makes a guide until you give up and make your own)

    3. If you’re a serious film maker, and night shooter watch this video and get a your own stabilizer

    4. Leave a question here. I take alot of pride in this guide and love to hear from anyone. Even if its just a thank you, a question or a like. Everything in this guide was built on feedback. Being part of the community is being part of the One.

    The One Plus One Camera and photo guide by James D. Hazlett
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    I wanted to comment early on but didn't want to ruin your thread. Lol. Will definitely read into this. Nice work.

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    Yes im retiring from guide righting to focus on my studies. This should be my last gift to the community = nap time now
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    @Waterdroid was around to help with that...

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    You must be a millionaire with nothing to do .... Hahahahaha tq anyway

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    I record everything. Once I find an outlet - BAM
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    Great camera guide, lots of work :)
    Isn't DCI is the closer one to 16:9 and not the other way around?
    It looks like on the screen and playback ... has a letterbox look.
    I also read it on other people's comment elsewhere it's the DCI is narrower...

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    Confirmed under further investigation will update.

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    Than you iv been working on this for 3 months and I really appreciate it that. Im really happy to have added to the community.

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    I dont use it. I feel like it a beginers camera. In Auto it takes similar if not more dependable night shots than Colour OS or cynagenMod. Unfortunatly i dont use those apps in auto all the time. Its a great simple point and shooter, but there better options out there. It takes photos that simply look like cellphone pics but the point of my guide is to go beyond that. If you taking a few pictures in sunny outside go for it. Taking photos of damage construction or things to read later, go for it. Taking a photo of a loved one you want to keep, well its just not made for high end photography. ( I give it to my young nephews or my mom when they want to take photos). I Feel as though Colour OS as rendered it obsolete.

    It has really cool photo sphere and lens blur (after shot focusing) options that are actually very cool and I used them with high success rates before. I would not have put it in the review if it was trash or a completely useless option.
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