Future of Cryptocurrency

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    It's the fault of the man. People care about themselves only, and that is what this man does. You should agree with me if I say that guy uses people to make money. There was this blog I was reading some days ago; it says that “He (Elon musk) has the power to move Bitcoin chart whenever he feels like it.” But after reading that, I was like, fr, this guy has the power to do so? And if he can do that, then there’s no reason why this guy won’t be filthy rich. Because he is already capable of purchasing bitcoin and won’t lose a dime, and now that I’ve understood what this man does, I’ve decided to buy a little BTC from https://uphold.com/en/assets/crypto/buy-btc to try my luck.
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    Ketyball , Jun 8, 2021 :
    It doesn't look good at the moment, but it'll be better when it becomes stable. I can surely say that there won't be a person in the world that never did a transaction using cryptocurrencies soon. Just look how many websites now accept BitCoin. Nowadays, you can even buy a Tesla using Bitcoin on the official Tesla website. Also, the fact that it is completely anonymous can give many advantages to a lot of people. For example, whenever I get some Bitcoin by a transaction, I use the bitcoin tumbler to break all the crypto codes.
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    I believe crypto will go way beyond being a currency. The name cryptocurrency is rather misleading. As we all know there are few actual coins that would make a good currency. Satoshis's original vision was to create a digital currency, which would be useful as a means of purchasing goods. However, i think it's clear now that bitcoin could never be a viable currency. Then comes the rest of the crypto market. I really do believe that crypto will be a revolutionary concept in the financial world. There are so many applications of crypto such as Defi which allows users to take out loans without falling to predatory interest rates. Yet so many peoples have invested in bitcoin so I do I don't know much about bitcoin trading so I am using an automated crypto bot method for trading.
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