Gear Up! How well do you Hi-Def game

  1. prashanth ch04
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    prashanth ch04 , Oct 6, 2019 :


    I don't know why people don't know this ,but games on iPhone run on proper 60fps because of the optimization that apple gives on an iPhone ,when it comes to andriod it isn't the same cause there are tons of different phones on the market so its very hard to optimise one to its full potential all though they claim it runs on 60fps ,it's not always 60fps,so hence the added 90hz for extra smoothness
    Note: Games which are optimized to run on 90Fps or 120 fps for 90Hz displays and 120 hz aren't all always running on 90 fps or 120 fps ,but it's always greater than 60 fps in some areas it's 80+ at least on an average!
    I'm with the iPhone because nothing comes close to optimising a software or an app for 15 iPhones than optimising the same app for 1.5b andriod phones ,it's a sad gimmick on andriod to counter more responsiviness but a very good one the 90hz​

    yes you are right, this the same reason why iOS version of any app is more stable than Android, but the refresh rate and fps are two different things, the refresh rate is more of a hardware than software, but FPS is pure software so I don't seem 90Hz panel is a gimmic.

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    KnightofScorpio , Oct 6, 2019 :
    Not going to happen, lol.

    You know iPhone users are different, most don't care about the phone itself, it's about being a part of the "luxury" that is the iPhone. Definitely not going to try to convert her.

    I'm working on my other sister before she crosses the dark side, lol

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    KnightofScorpio , Oct 6, 2019 :
    Don't have it, or anyone with it.

    My sister doesn't want to upgrade, and my best friend is upgrading, but the new iPhone is backordered until 10/15-10/26. He has the 8 Plus as well, he didn't want the X or any variation of it, as most people I know.

    Just used what I had available. Believe me, if I could, I would.
    The iPhone 8 Plus is still very well capable. I do get your point though.

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  5. Mitesh_Dutta , via OnePlus 7 Pro Nebula Blue , Oct 7, 2019 :
    How is it fair you comparing a 2017 iphone which wasn't even the flagship of Apple back then with a device which isn't even a month older.

    Try comparing OnePlus 7t with iPhone 11 pro max and then show the result A13 bionic will crush the Snapdragon 855+

    (I am not an Apple Fan but this comparison isn't really fair.)

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    Ujwal_ , Oct 7, 2019 :
    I guess he's doing it because of the price category the mobiles fall into

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    jetdragon67 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Oct 7, 2019 :
    I've pretty much set up my 7 pro as my mobile gaming device. With emulation for nes, snes, Sega, ps1, Ps2, psp & ds... It does everything pretty well. I have mobile controllers, hdmi to USB docking station to play on TV without frame drops and a gaming centric case... It's damn near perfect. I wish you guys would turn out more gaming accessories. Because oneplus phones definitely do it well.


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    Mustasim , Oct 7, 2019 :
    a mobile from 2017 and another from 2019! good enough my friend! again different platform! excellent to compare!

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    BLADECUT18 , Oct 8, 2019 at 12:49 PM :
    I don't understand why people are complaining about the battery and the heating issue cause I've had none of them. battery is amazing and there's slight warmness because it's a device and everything gets a little warm.

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    manish vadhrya , Oct 9, 2019 at 12:12 PM :
    How cool is that oneplus 6t doesn't support MHL
    I bought a game capture card just to stream games on my phone and they launched MHL support in oneplus 7pro

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