[Submitted] Gestures need development.

  1. TypewriterChaos
    Eclair Jan 4, 2020

    TypewriterChaos , Jan 4, 2020 :
    In statements by OnePlus during the beta for android 10 on the 6T, it was stated that gestures would be a more efficient form of navigation, and it turns out that is objectively false. The hybrid gesture/nav bar was far more efficient and intuitive, and we want it back. There was no reason to take that from the users and leave the "classic" nav bar only to make the "new and improved" gestures seem good by comparison. We accepted the notch when we bought the device, and the screen real estate is great. We didn't ask for this to get a tiny bit more real estate. we didn't want it and we still don't. In fact, the fact that the keyboard is even lower on the screen makes it more difficult to hold the phone and swipe type with one hand! I'll be looking outside of OnePlus for my next device if this didn't remedied.

    Go ahead and look at my multi-task logs and joke that I'm a slow learner, or fat thumbed, but I was never frustrated this way before I updated, and I haven't gotten any dumber in that time.