Get a Genuine Snapdragon™ processor!

  1. Emmanuel Marketing Apr 9, 2014

    Emmanuel, Apr 9, 2014 :
    Dear friends,

    Yesterday our CEO Pete announced the final CPU and RAM versions that the OnePlus One will be using.

    Friends from Qualcomm visited our office a few weeks ago to meet with our team. They especially brought us three real Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors, giving us an opportunity to show you the technology that powers most smartphones.


    Share your thoughts about yesterday's announcement on social media.

    We will pick 3 lucky winners from all the comments on our Facebook and Google+ page to bring home an actual Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor!

  2. Elisha Siegelman Donut Apr 9, 2014

  3. alextdarling Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 9, 2014

    alextdarling, Apr 9, 2014 :
    Looks like a souvenir

  4. mydragoon Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 9, 2014

    mydragoon, Apr 9, 2014 :
    consider it a spare, in case you burn the one that came with the phone... ;)

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  5. Akki Jelly Bean Apr 9, 2014

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  6. yonoshiro Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 9, 2014

    yonoshiro, Apr 9, 2014 :
    Done!..did a little poem on facebook XD

    "Snapdragon 801? Surging speed! To please the masses, to meet the need.

    3 GB Ram? All voices rejoice! No more do we settle for a second rate choice.

    For oneplus is here, its message divine,
    You don't need to settle, break free from that line.

    For you are a thinker, independent and free, the same kind of thinking an OEM should be.

    So don't you worry, don't you fret!
    The oneplus one is the best you can get!"

    Apparently, I know no shame :S
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  7. Adam Krisko KitKat Community Expert Apr 9, 2014

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  8. mydragoon Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 9, 2014

    mydragoon, Apr 9, 2014 :
    well, you got a LIKE from Carl...

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  9. Martinrm Honeycomb Apr 9, 2014

    Martinrm, Apr 9, 2014 :
    This is a pretty cool giveaway, can't say many normal people have a real snapdragon processor that's not in a phone. Unlike computer's you can't buy a standalone processor. I would totally put it on display :)

  10. GregOrevo Gingerbread Apr 9, 2014

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  11. Adam Krisko KitKat Community Expert Apr 9, 2014

    Adam Krisko, Apr 9, 2014 :
    I know right! It definitely would be displayed prominently in my apt.

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  12. GregOrevo Gingerbread Apr 9, 2014

    GregOrevo, Apr 9, 2014 :
    Love it :cool:

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  13. infernowheels Jelly Bean Apr 9, 2014

    infernowheels, Apr 9, 2014 :
    Perhaps the winner could somehow install it on an older device with the right amount resources?
    ( It would probably need a custom motherboard though xD)

    How about the HTC G1 running an 801? hahaha

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  14. Allanitomwesh Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 9, 2014

    Allanitomwesh, Apr 9, 2014 :
    HTC HD2 with 801
    Wait foooor it ....

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  15. infernowheels Jelly Bean Apr 9, 2014

    infernowheels, Apr 9, 2014 :
    That prize might even be very useful when modular phones become a thing :)

  16. Mat Honeycomb Apr 9, 2014

    Mat, Apr 9, 2014 :
    Very interresting contest.

    My words :

    , antics monsters who are now resurrected to be cloned for invade the world : )

    Thanks Qualcomm and OnePlus

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  17. DavidSTC KitKat Apr 9, 2014

    DavidSTC, Apr 9, 2014 :
    Well, I can say that is a very original (even geek jaja) present for the Father's Day, but this has already passed. No matter with this, I will like it also :cool:
    I can make my own Raspberry Pi :)

  18. Martin Z Honeycomb Apr 9, 2014

  19. Vats Froyo Apr 9, 2014

    Vats, Apr 9, 2014 :
    Very few companies considers user experience as their top priority. Its nice to see OnePlus is one of the company. It doesn't matter what you put in a 400$ phone, the thing matter is how you improves users experience.

  20. Mark Falsing Jelly Bean Senior Moderator Apr 9, 2014

    Mark Falsing, Apr 9, 2014 :
    That poem was so awesome, wish I was just as creative. All I can think of is AWESOME, BEST hahahahaha

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