Get ready for the first OnePlus 2 Open Sales!

  1. JoeHobbs90 Cupcake Oct 12, 2015

  2. Onetimestwoistwo Froyo Oct 12, 2015

    Onetimestwoistwo, Oct 12, 2015 :
    If you kept getting asked for invite then you must have had the wrong country chosen at the bottom right corner of the oneplus main store page

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  3. Onetimestwoistwo Froyo Oct 12, 2015

    Onetimestwoistwo, Oct 12, 2015 :
    Yes i mistakenly with all the chaos of the errors had 3 in my order page! 1 paid for and 2 asking for payment

  4. Web App Designer Eclair Oct 12, 2015

    Web App Designer, Oct 12, 2015 :

    Nope not yet.... just the email saying "You will receive a tracking number by email once your package ships. Orders are normally processed within 5-10 business days, excluding shipping time. "

    So i guess in about 20 days we#re get an email from OP saying "Ops.... <some lame excuse>..."

  5. Onetimestwoistwo Froyo Oct 12, 2015

    Onetimestwoistwo, Oct 12, 2015 :
    The extra one is one that was accepted but they placed in your orders without payment and then prompted you after

  6. Masjeel Cupcake Oct 12, 2015

    Masjeel, Oct 12, 2015 :
    I'm one of the lucky one's able to buy one this morning, just saw I have another order unpaid in my account, I clicked on it and it leads me to paypal pay page. I only want one so if someone's interested.. Im in spain Barcelona area! Not sure how long it will stay in my account and 100%sure it will work but can definitely give it a try!

  7. ButterFlYnez Jelly Bean Oct 12, 2015

    ButterFlYnez, Oct 12, 2015 :
    That option us only available after payment...
    I didn't want to pay for my order twice (had only one extra). My issue is now resolved as I didn't pay within the time frame so my extra order was cancelled.
    It didn't affect my original order, so I'm happily awaiting my order :D

  8. vahid183 Gingerbread Oct 12, 2015

    vahid183, Oct 12, 2015 :
    What else can we do as there is no option to cancel them. But it would be terrible if others cant order one [out of stock] cus they have been reserved by us.

  9. Masjeel Cupcake Oct 12, 2015

  10. Capn_Jim Cupcake Oct 12, 2015

    Capn_Jim, Oct 12, 2015 :
    Finally, after well over an hour I got one ordered! Very frustrating but worth it in the end! Watch this space, Hurrrah

  11. krutiz90 Froyo Oct 12, 2015

    krutiz90, Oct 12, 2015 :
    Guess u didn't try hard enough:D I was "trying" one and a half an hour.

    Then it was smooth, when they shut down the servers.. GL!:)

  12. dani.elle Cupcake Oct 12, 2015

    dani.elle, Oct 12, 2015 :
    Am in the UK, wondering if both countries have identical bands in regards to their 3G and 4G capability, seeing as they are both EU? But then how would you go about giving out your spare anyway?

  13. thetruespin Eclair Oct 12, 2015

    thetruespin, Oct 12, 2015 :
    I got in very early (just before the sale officially started it seems)... so hopefully I'm not at the end of a huge queue! When I bought the OP1 the whole thing only took a week, but I suspect this may take longer.

  14. kevin lee johnson Cupcake Oct 12, 2015

    kevin lee johnson, Oct 12, 2015 :
    So who was lucky enough to get one then? or two or three?????

  15. simonfouc Cupcake Oct 12, 2015

    simonfouc, Oct 12, 2015 :
    So disappointing, I couldn't manage to order one... Many different errors, and now, it's out of order!!!

  16. charlienatorFL Donut Oct 12, 2015

  17. tech2000 Cupcake Oct 12, 2015

    tech2000, Oct 12, 2015 :
    I sat here for the whole time trying to make the order, but in the end i got nothing... this sucks!!! So if anyone with 3 invites left I would be more than happy to get those...

  18. Masjeel Cupcake Oct 12, 2015

    Masjeel, Oct 12, 2015 :
    Ideally someone nearby here in Barcelona as I wont be paying for it so we'd have to meet to organise payment through my account. Otherwise wait for the invitation. Will let you know dani.elle if I get one and will send it to you!

  19. Fogizzle Cupcake Oct 12, 2015

    Fogizzle, Oct 12, 2015 :
    Tried for an hour to get through, but with no luck. If anyone invited, have an invite to spare, I would be the happiest man alive ;)

  20. lgp Honeycomb Oct 12, 2015

    lgp, Oct 12, 2015 :
    I checked at 13:30 just for fun. Could order it but then i saw the shipping price. Noped tf out.