Get ready for the first OnePlus 2 Open Sales!

  1. Feanfan
    Cupcake Oct 10, 2015

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  4. Mohit Agarwal
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    Mohit Agarwal , Oct 10, 2015 :
    While the excitement about an "invite free sale" is understandable. The real reason why OP is having the "invite free sale" when they have so many invites to send out pending seems to be the launch of several high end phones from Motorola, Coolpad, Apple etc. So the only way out for a company to "deny" the competition customers is to have these invite free sales to maximize the sale of their phones.

    While it is certainly a good marketing strategy. What would be even "smarter marketing strategy" is to roll out invites faster or do away completely with the invite system. I had commented earlier that if OP continues with this silly invite system and makes potential customers wait indefinitely for their phones, it could drive them into the arms of their competitors.

    OP: Do us all a favour, remove this silly invite system where anyone can register. You want to make OP a product that can pull customers, limit the power to give invites to your existing OPO customers and that too limited to 2 or 3 invites a month. The results would be self explanatory!.

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  5. mvb008
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  7. chrisboyle999
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    chrisboyle999 , Oct 10, 2015 :
    I'm guessing there's going to be an option in the store which is available for one hour only.
    Can anyone confirm this or suggest how phones will be purchased.
    Thanks in advance.

  8. themagicmaster
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    themagicmaster , Oct 10, 2015 :
    That would be useful, wonder why they are not saying...

  9. SoniaB
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    SoniaB , Oct 10, 2015 :
    there won't be a specific URL. You just go to OnePlus website and buy.

    most likely not. It will be 64GB only I believe

    as above. You just go to the OnePlus website and will be able to buy

  10. amartens181
    KitKat Oct 10, 2015

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  14. SuperStig
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    SuperStig , Oct 10, 2015 :
    Good news!! :)

    But what about Norway, how come it is not in the list of countries that can by the phone?

  15. bozinaja
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    bozinaja , Oct 10, 2015 :
    Does anyone knows if you order to EU do you pay any rax or customs? Thanks!

  16. joaomartins
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    joaomartins , Oct 10, 2015 :
    I have an important question, can you use a credit card to make the purchase or is it just Paypal only? The FAQ isn't clear.

  17. venkatesh243
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 10, 2015

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  19. jjaviercf
    Froyo Oct 10, 2015

    jjaviercf , Oct 10, 2015 :
    Finally, just when I decided to buy another phone, I mean, a phone from another company :(.
    The good news is that by tje time I get my new phone it will be far sooner than the time I will need to get the OPT.

  20. deepakshahri
    Gingerbread Oct 10, 2015

    deepakshahri , Oct 10, 2015 :
    The future of connectivity is here. To those of you who’ve been patiently waiting to purchase an additional OnePlus Type-C Cable or two, your wait is nearly over. The accessory, available in both 100 and 150 cms models, will go on sale on Amazon India in the last week of October. For an in-depth look at what makes this accessory special, head over to ourportal for a quick sneak-peek on this futuristic technology.