Get Ready For The OnePlus 3 - First Global VR Shopping Experience

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  1. dcmcc24 KitKat Jun 14, 2016

    dcmcc24, Jun 14, 2016 :
    I did....

  2. RaphaelMerz Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 14, 2016

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  3. Shlomy1 Donut Jun 14, 2016

  4. valdemarian Gingerbread Jun 14, 2016

    valdemarian, Jun 14, 2016 :
    I get a invalid key error when I try to complete purchase thru the link emailed to me. Can't say I'm surprised, typical OnePlus nonsense.

  5. ilinkyqc Cupcake Jun 14, 2016

    ilinkyqc, Jun 14, 2016 :
    I've find the 3 badges and click on purchase almost 1 hour ago.
    Didn't receive any email yet..
    Anyone with the same problems?

  6. Shahy002 Cupcake Jun 14, 2016

  7. K.Rens Cupcake Jun 14, 2016

    K.Rens, Jun 14, 2016 :
    I also always get invalid key error. Apparantly you can only buy it without accessories.
    But I do not want to pay expensive shipping costs, so I cannot order it, due to "invalid key error".
    Fyi: Key = captcha.

  8. MasterTim17 Froyo Jun 14, 2016

    MasterTim17, Jun 14, 2016 :
    it is setting up the loop vr for google cardboard app

  9. ilinkyqc Cupcake Jun 14, 2016

    ilinkyqc, Jun 14, 2016 :
    What does the qr code?

  10. dOubleO Donut Jun 14, 2016

    dOubleO, Jun 14, 2016 :
    Free case? Where? How?

    I placed an order and got email but didn't get this o_O

  11. Shlomy1 Donut Jun 14, 2016

    Shlomy1, Jun 14, 2016 :
    getting really pissed i had my vr on my face waitng for launch. at countdown hit 00 it tells me i need download 600 mb packet... im still 2 hours later downloading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. rodogu Cupcake Jun 14, 2016

    rodogu, Jun 14, 2016 :
    Managed to order the phone (in Canada) but when I tried to get the accessories: the bundle, the car dash charger, it told me there did not happen in stock :( tried to get the items separately, I've got the same problem.

    Anybody experienced that?

  13. dreniacdre KitKat Jun 14, 2016

  14. dOubleO Donut Jun 14, 2016

    dOubleO, Jun 14, 2016 :
    I would like to add additional items before the ship the phone, I wonder if there's a way to place another order without paying shipping (not reaching $150)

    I don't want to pay for shipping for the accessories when they could go with the phone

  15. K.Rens Cupcake Jun 14, 2016

    K.Rens, Jun 14, 2016 :
    Ok, they disabled the captcha.
    After a browser crash it restored the cache and then I was able to buy the phone + accessories without captcha.

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  16. K.Rens Cupcake Jun 14, 2016

    K.Rens, Jun 14, 2016 :
    I do feel very cheated that they now launched bundles for which I paid full price...
    I could have saved 5 to 10% on the accessories.

  17. wilsmits Jelly Bean Jun 14, 2016

    wilsmits, Jun 14, 2016 :
    Nice vr launch, cool phone but for now I'll stick with my precious opo. Even after 2 years still happy.

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  18. Randy Tasajaya Cupcake Jun 14, 2016

    Randy Tasajaya, Jun 14, 2016 :
    Is it just me or does this setting (the QR code) for OnePlus VR headset make other VR apps zoomed in? And the OnePlus 3 VR Launch app has its own setting anyway, so as I see it, it doesn't get affected by any means.

    This setting does a great job with making other VR apps use the whole screen (as opposed to only a part of the screen in the default setting, leaving "black letterbox"), but the VR apps itself are somehow extra zoomed in. I think what the setting should do is just making the VR apps use the whole screen, without extra zooming in. This extra zooming in makes the field of view smaller, for instance in the Google Cardboard app, video section (this is not 360 video), the video shows bigger than our field of view.

    I hope my wordings aren't confusing.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2016

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  19. pbergonzi KitKat Jun 15, 2016

  20. pbergonzi KitKat Jun 15, 2016

    pbergonzi, Jun 15, 2016 :
    If you bought it recently enough you might contact them and see about some credit.