Get Ready For The OnePlus 3 - First Global VR Shopping Experience

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  1. scralle
    Cupcake May 23, 2016

  2. Oedlan
    Cupcake May 23, 2016

    Oedlan , May 23, 2016 :
    Too bad store crashed... Since I never got to log on to PayPal, I guess I didn't get it =(

  3. richey
    Cupcake May 23, 2016

    richey , May 23, 2016 :
    Out of stock. Ah well, we all knew this was going to be a popular phone. I passed on OPO due to not getting an invite, and OP2 due to missing NFC. Very excited for OP3 though.

  4. Aqu
    Gingerbread May 23, 2016

    Aqu , May 23, 2016 :
    Oh Well!!

    Just got the email , click on link, out of stock :(

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  5. cmarquette
    Gingerbread May 23, 2016

    cmarquette , May 23, 2016 :
    Tried to order but kept getting "Country code US is not valid" and now out of stock. So what now??

  6. krzyk79
    Cupcake May 23, 2016

    krzyk79 , May 23, 2016 :
    Great!!. I get the email go to order it and it says out of stock. How am i suppose to HYPE!!!!

  7. Lateski
    Eclair May 23, 2016

    Lateski , May 23, 2016 :
    Had it on cart... Country FI is not available in our system. Why Oneplus?

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  8. chrism380
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 23, 2016

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  9. kastoro
    Froyo May 23, 2016

    kastoro , May 23, 2016 :
    Trying to find a way to let it work, the VR is not out of stock! Damn IT!

  10. lghaxqi
    Cupcake May 23, 2016

    lghaxqi , May 23, 2016 :
    How much more will I have to wait????

    Wooooow... only now i receive the email....

  11. Harp3rBoy
    Froyo May 23, 2016

    Harp3rBoy , May 23, 2016 :
    I don't think it is out of stock, I think they have done that so they can fix the servers and stock will come back once the issue is resolved. Too many people trying to buy.

  12. blitzjoans
    Gingerbread May 23, 2016

    blitzjoans , May 23, 2016 :
    OUT OF STOCK. You must be ******* kidding me!!! Is this the way to launch a product? Knowing how many people will order this at the same time and not preparing the servers? How about the people like me who was supporting the company from the beginning? This?

    I cant belive how every launch i return to the forums or the store to see that the page is still buggy as **** two years later...

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  13. tursey
    Froyo May 23, 2016

    tursey , May 23, 2016 :
    WTF, I´m trying to buy them since an hour and I have a lot of errors! and now I see:

    "Your shopping cart is empty right now, but it doesn't have to be!" when I Place order... Whats that???

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  14. Tzagor
    Jelly Bean May 23, 2016

    Tzagor , May 23, 2016 :
    Vuol dire che hanno esaurito i 30 mila pezzi :oops:

  15. creazn
    Cupcake May 23, 2016

  16. gagne.pierreluc
    Gingerbread May 23, 2016

    gagne.pierreluc , May 23, 2016 :
    Wow, I ordered one, got stuck processing the order, went back to check if it went through, it didn't. Went back to re-order and it says out of stock.

  17. pinkencryption
    Cupcake May 23, 2016

  18. Amoyensis
    Froyo May 23, 2016

    Amoyensis , May 23, 2016 :
    Got the email,
    klicked "Place the order"
    "Your cart is empty".
    Ordered again,
    out of stock.

    Are u f....kidding me????

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  19. apersonnamedmike
    Honeycomb May 23, 2016

    apersonnamedmike , May 23, 2016 :
    Got mine ordered. I am so excited to get one! I love my opo, but I'm looking forward to selling it to a relative so I can afford this. Thank you OnePlus!! :D

  20. SexAndManCity
    Honeycomb May 23, 2016

    SexAndManCity , May 23, 2016 :
    In stock - but apparently I have to live in France...
    then out of stock.

    I think VR is quite cool, but I'm not into it enough to deprive someone else of one of these.
    I have a cardboard, it's cool enough for 30 mins here and there.