Get ready for the OnePlus 5

  1. meatandy Nougat Jun 20, 2017

    meatandy, Jun 20, 2017 :
    Old news buddy , it's been talked about for months already.

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    Jerry_Michailovas, Jun 20, 2017 :
    oh the live video is a bomb, cant wait to get my hands on oneplus 5, when 5 will be open for purchase? does anybody knows?

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    slope, Jun 20, 2017 :
    Just finished the live launch event, came in a little late and thought I just missed any information for the screen. However now after watching it, I am not sure I missed any info on display or if OnePlus deliberately chose NOT to mention anything about the screen.

    OnePlus Why? You came so damn close to make my dream phone then you go a fcuk it all up by crapping out on the display. How long has the 5.5 HD Amoled display been around? Since v2? The world has moved on. QHD was given.

    I guess once again launch was disappointing, you make a killer smartphone with amazing camera, state of the art CPU, latest generation RAM and plenty of it. Then you dig around furthest in the dark corners of your warehouse and find the pallets with several years old displays?

    OK, crossing my fingers didn't help. I'll keep waiting for Oneplu 5 Pro/Plus/T and by then I really hope you get the screen right. Small to no bezels, >5.5" display and >=QHD resolution. Hopefully there will be a new version updated version before Christmas.

    I'll put my money back in the piggy bank, wipe my tears and start counting days for a new display.

    @Carl Feel free to drop my an email or PM when you got the new >= QHD display sorted.


    Forget about it @Carl. Just watched The Verge on youtube. Oneplus 5 don't even have OIS?? Do you guys even know the year of the calendar? Skipping OIS that is just plain ignorant. So not only are did you choose to use several year old display for your phone, you finally made a great camera phone but couldn't be bothered to install OIS?

    OnePlus you and your team just screwed up big time. Several years old display with low resolution, and the biggest bezel's in the market, not impressed. Less screen real estate the competitors and while premium brands enjoy dual screen v5 is boosting a tiny screen that does not work well for dual screen apps.

    That wide bezel'd display are just killing your design. It makes the whole phone look out dated and old already at launch. And with no Optical image stabilization you really managed to show the world corners where cut. Keep your phone cause I don't want it.

    I guess this was the end of the road for me looking at oneplus. Over the releases you've done for the past three years not even one phone was right from the launch. And this time you price tag are closing in on the premium market and the real flagships. And guess what? Oneplus just don't compare to real flagship phones. In fact, I don't think you have ever been further away from a true flagship then what you are now with v5. Saving nickles and dimes on the display, not spending on OIS just brought your phone what could have been a flagship killer to more of a yawn not so much.

    You guys have always be playing catch up as the new kid, but now you are cutting corners and not spending money where money is due. Rather you try to optimize profit by stacking old shit with some new hardware. A flagship it is not.

    Never Settle! Choose wisely!
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    Congrats! Post your review!

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