Get Ready for the OnePlus Watch via OnePlus 9 Pro co-developed with Hasselblad

  1. Pete
    Founder of OnePlus Staff Member Mar 17, 2021

    Pete , via OnePlus 9 Pro co-developed with Hasselblad , Mar 17, 2021 :
    OnePlus Watch reveal.png

    Hi friends,

    I know we’ve been talking about it for a while, and this time, it is really coming: the OnePlus Watch. The first-ever OnePlus Watch will launch together with the OnePlus 9 Series on March 23, adding a new element of convenience and seamless connectivity between all of your OnePlus devices.

    Although OnePlus began by focusing on flagship smartphones, we’ve also been looking at other devices that our users use most often in conjunction with their smartphones for an interconnected experience. Naturally, we turned our attention to smartwatches, as it aligns with our mission to create a burdenless experience. We see smartwatches as more than just instruments that indicate the time and heart rates, but powerful devices capable of elevating our personal digital experience to new heights. And we can’t forget that a smartwatch is the most-requested device from you, the OnePlus Community.

    We won’t give away too much right now, but we’ll leave you with this for now: Our priority for devices that are part of the OnePlus ecosystem is to offer fashionable designs, provide seamless connectivity and deliver a best-in-class user experience. And the new OnePlus Watch is no exception. It will encompass:
    • A stunning and burdenless design that separates itself from the crowd. To us, no detail is too small;
    • Seamless connectivity between OnePlus smartphones, audio peripherals, smartwear devices, and even OnePlus TVs, making smart control over all these devices simple and intuitive;
    • A best-in-class experience at an affordable price point, so that more of our global OnePlus users can enjoy our signature burdenless, seamlessly connected experience.
    Want to know more about the OnePlus Watch? Stay tuned with us for the OnePlus 9 Series launch event on March 23 at 10:00 AM EDT / 2:00 PM GMT / 3:00 PM CET / 7:30 PM IST at https://www.oneplus.com/launch.

  2. Leo X.
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    Leo X. , Mar 17, 2021 :
    For those of you in the previous contest, we didn't announce the unnamed product yet, FYI

  3. Pete
    Founder of OnePlus Staff Member Mar 17, 2021

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    Pete , via OnePlus 9 Pro co-developed with Hasselblad , Mar 17, 2021 :
    When developing the OnePlus Watch, we tried to understand the pain points for a smart watch wearer.

    We chose to go with a smart wear operating system developed based on RTOS because we believe it provides you a smooth and reliable experience while offering a great battery life, covering some of the biggest concerns we've been hearing from people looking to buy a smartwatch.

  4. Overzee
    The Showcase Reviewer Mar 17, 2021

    Overzee , Mar 17, 2021 :
    Thanks @Pete, can't wait to see it in real life! @Leo X. was this the unnamed product you where talking about at the 'Watch this space for something new' contest :rolleyes:?
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  14. YRJ
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    YRJ , Mar 17, 2021 :
    That seems unlike you! :D

    But hey, thanks for the info. I really have high expectations from this product, and am looking forward to getting one of my own. Fingers crossed for a Squircle but will make-do with a circle if that's all you have in store.

    Lots of exciting things lined up, I will be watching for more ;)

    @Crystal Z. a mini-lab for the watch when? :p

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    YRJ , Mar 17, 2021 :
    Can I make a suggestion? Please drop - Smart Everywear it's a tongue twister and makes little sense :sweatsmile:

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