Get rid of "dm-verity" warning at boot

  1. EpicLPer Gingerbread Apr 7, 2017

    EpicLPer, Apr 7, 2017 :
    Very easy solution, you won't even need the unofficial "brick recovery" tool!

    Simply use the following ADB command, keep in mind that you have to be on STOCK RECOVERY and STOCK ROM in order for this to work! However, you can either have a locked or unlocked bootloader.

    adb reboot "dm-verity enforcing"

    Voila! Have fun with a dm-verity compliant phone now :)

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  2. sarthak61199 Froyo Apr 7, 2017

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  3. Sudipkumarc Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 7, 2017

  4. EpicLPer Gingerbread Apr 7, 2017

    EpicLPer, Apr 7, 2017 :
    You can try it but I doubt it works since that is the whole reason why dm-verity even exists.

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  5. Sudipkumarc Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 7, 2017

    Sudipkumarc, Apr 7, 2017 :
    Sorry didn't mean it that way.

    You can use for almost all Rom

    fastboot oem disable_dm_verity
    fastboot oem enable_dm_verity

    please note you may see the outcome as "failed" but don't worry just send the above 2 commands and reboot. dm verity will be fixed.

  6. EpicLPer Gingerbread Apr 7, 2017

    EpicLPer, Apr 7, 2017 :
    Tho dm-verity doesn't matter on custom ROMs anyways, it's only useful for the OnePlus official ones so you can receive OTA packages, not the full one when you try to download it there.

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  7. Sudipkumarc Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 7, 2017

    Sudipkumarc, Apr 7, 2017 :
    True. but dm-verity is more than that. Secondly if you try updating your phone using OTA and you are rooted, oneplus will automatically switch to full package download instead of marginal one regardless of your dmverity state. Tried this on 4.1.1

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  8. Shubham_Sundrani_711 Froyo Apr 7, 2017

    Shubham_Sundrani_711, Apr 7, 2017 :
    Thank you! Thank you so so much. Apparently Android Pay, Android Device Manager and Google Assistant all don't work if dm-verity is broken. (I have the beta version of Google Play Services which ran Google Assistant flawlessly till I made the update from OOS 4.1.0 to 4.1.1, thus breaking dm-verity)

    I tried using :
    fastboot oem disable_dm_verity
    fastboot oem enable_dm_verity

    which works on the 3T but not on the 3.

    Tried searching for a solution for days. Heck, even performed a factory data reset but to no avail. Your solution fixed everything. Thank you once again.

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  9. Lemonfleck73 Jelly Bean Apr 7, 2017

    Lemonfleck73, Apr 7, 2017 :
    A other way (for using TWRP and Customroms) on OP 3:

    First download from here:

    ... Firm-/Modemware for OSS 4.0.2 and 4.1.1 ,
    after this flash OSS 4.0.2 (Firm- & Modem) , boot into fastboot-mode, connect your Droide to PC via USB and typing:

    fastboot oem disable_dm_verity (return)
    fastboot oem enable_dm_verity (return)

    go back to the Recovery-Mode , reflash OSS 4.1.1 (Firm- /Modem) and reboot your phone.

  10. svanimpelen Eclair Apr 21, 2017

    svanimpelen, Apr 21, 2017 :
    I am currently on Open Beta 14 and I had TWRP installed as recovery. Ran the command, and it worked flawlessly. Thanks a lot!

  11. EpicLPer Gingerbread May 3, 2017

    EpicLPer, May 3, 2017 :
    Keep in mind tho that this is NOT A FIX and WILL NOT MAKE YOUR PHONE VERITY-VERIFIED!
    It'll simply only turn the warning off at boot! But apps/OTA will still detect a modified system!

    Also on future OxygenOS versions this should be fixed so it won't work anymore then.

  12. toshantkargwal Cupcake May 3, 2017

    toshantkargwal, May 3, 2017 :
    can you please show a video of how to do this? or please instruct step by step to have a better clearity.

  13. suvrat29 Froyo May 3, 2017

    suvrat29, May 3, 2017 :
    Dm-verity error is caused by improper recoveries AFAIK, install the most recent version of stock recovery and do a full wipe, then flash the custom recovery of your choice. That's what fixed it for me atleast.

  14. noéDefalt Froyo May 3, 2017

    noéDefalt, May 3, 2017 :
    Yea me too. I am on Open Beta 15 and TWRP 3.0.4-1 and it did it. Thanks EpicLPer

  15. jan-gerit Cupcake Jul 26, 2017

    jan-gerit, Jul 26, 2017 :
    Since its already a while ago that this worked, I would like to ask if somebody has a solution for me which works. I tried already:
    fastboot oem disable_dm_verity (answer FAILED remote: unkonw command)
    fastboot oem eneble_dm_verity (answer FAILED remote: unkonw command)

    Now I tried:
    adb reboot "dm-verity enforcing"

    Now the message is gone, but should I fix it someelse? It really Important for me right now, because I won't have a computer for a couple weeks, where I could fix anything.

    If I got that right, it will only be a problem if I update my phone, as long as i don't update (in this time), it should be fine, or?

    Android 7.1.1
    OxygenOS: 4.1.6
    Kernel-Version: 3.1.8-perf+

    I would be really happy to get help

  16. EpicLPer Gingerbread Jul 26, 2017

    EpicLPer, Jul 26, 2017 :
    After you did the adb command it will be gone forever, no worries. The other methods won't work anymore because this was an oversight by OnePlus and not intended to work, as I stated in a reply somewhere here.

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  17. Ezra_S Cupcake Aug 6, 2017

  18. tOot.toOt Froyo Aug 6, 2017

  19. STEPHANVS Cupcake Aug 28, 2017

    STEPHANVS, Aug 28, 2017 :
    Just flashed stock 4.1.7 full image (also twrp was replaced with stock recovery), command executes successfully, but it does not fix the dm-verity issue for me.

  20. EpicLPer Gingerbread Aug 28, 2017

    EpicLPer, Aug 28, 2017 :
    You also need to be on stock Recovery for this to work and probably wipe cache