Get rid of update icon

  1. bkturf
    Eclair Jan 22, 2022

    bkturf , Jan 22, 2022 :
    I just got the phone a couple days ago and it was on I rooted it first thing. It immediately wanted to update to C40 but when I said to do it, it kept getting errors. After doing some research, I found that you need to be on 36 before it can go to 40. So, I found a copy of 36 and flashed it, but when I did so and did the "reinstall magisk before it reboots to keep root", the phone reverted back and the 36 update did not take.

    At this point, I should have just left well enough alone and leave it on A11 forever. But I really want 12 for the single reason that I use gesture navigation and I HATE having to swipe from the sides for the back function (it screws up SO many things), and want to once again be able to swipe from the bottom sides without invoking google assistant (using a 3rd party app and not deleting google from my phone).

    So, I updated again and this time did not reinstall magisk, and got to 36, then updated to 40. Not realizing that these were a completely new operating system I found the latest OOS and extracted boot.img using payload dumper since I could only find incrementals of the latest build. And tried to root it using the normal method with Magisk. Of course, once I installed the boot.img from a different OS, the phone bricked. It would only go to bootloader mode and EDL was not available. So I spent hours figuring out how to use MSM tool and what to do when EDL does not work (and by trial and error found that you need to uncheck the SHA256 check for the tool I had). It was the first time in all my years with Oneplus (starting with the One) that I thought I was going to have to return the phone. And about the hundredth time I cursed Oneplus for not just using TWRP instead of their bullcrap recovery.

    Anyway, I ended up on build and everything's good. Phone is great with amazing battery life. I was not impressed with the brief glimpse I got of COS12 and expect I will stay on OOS11 for the foreseeable future until there is a reliable rooting method, despite being mad every day the last two years about the stupid gestures.

    Now my only question is how to get rid of the stupid icon bugging my to upgrade to C40. It ain't gonna happen.

  2. Caomhin
    9 Series Expert, Participator of the Year Community Expert Jan 23, 2022

    Caomhin , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jan 23, 2022 :
    C44 is a full image file. If you are rooted on OOS 12,well done, and you should be familiar how to update a rooted phone. You need a full image file, incremental will never work to update a rooted phone, this is common knowledge anongs those with rooted phones.

    So you can now update your phone with C44 for your region. However you will need to install it via your root method if you are already on OOS 12, TWRP etc and not via OTA. As if it manages to install via OTA you will lose root. There is no way to stop the prompt for OOS 12 if you are on Android 11, this is the same for all manufacturers OTA methods.