Ghost Armor for OnePlus


Would you get Ghost Armor for your OnePlus?

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  1. rolleroo
    Gingerbread Aug 18, 2014

    rolleroo , Aug 18, 2014 :
    You got me interested.

    Application method looks very similar to how I used to put on Fablon.

    Really like the scratch fixing. Thanks

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  2. generalkipper
    Froyo Aug 18, 2014

    generalkipper , Aug 18, 2014 :
    Yes, there exists a thread where an individual got his screen cracked, whilst reading the thread I kept muttering the words, "Always use protection!" Very sad to see a broken OPO. :(

  3. generalkipper
    Froyo Aug 18, 2014

  4. np3est8x
    Honeycomb Aug 19, 2014

    np3est8x , Aug 19, 2014 :
    This looks similar to a Zagg protector I had for my 5s. Same installation process. It made my screen feel squishy and sometimes I had to press harder to type/tap. It also repaired itself if my fingernail/key/something sharp scratched or dinged it.

    How does this product feel when you touch it? If its anything like Zagg, I'll pass.

  5. generalkipper
    Froyo Aug 19, 2014

    generalkipper , Aug 19, 2014 :
    @np3est8x, this is such a great question, we often are asked about our products in comparison to Zagg Shield. Many customers come in with Zagg Shield and often times exchange it for Ghost Armor so I have compared the products side by side! I can tell you that Zagg Shield uses a thicker material that comes off more "gel like". Underneath the material there is a lot of adhesive and resin. With the material being a little thicker it was a little more difficult to navigate across the screen accordingly. The material that Ghost Armor utilizes is thinner, thus eliminating that issue entirely whilst offering the same if not better protection. Zagg Shield is a good product, and it does a great job, however, we have heard of that issue! I can assure you that the tactile feedback and responsiveness of the screen will be unhindered with our product!

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  6. generalkipper
    Froyo Aug 20, 2014

    generalkipper , Aug 20, 2014 :
    Will be posting some pictures today of a Ghost Armored OPO. Customer gave us a call and will be dropping in soon! Thank you all for your patience!

  7. generalkipper
    Froyo Aug 20, 2014

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  8. argos285
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 20, 2014

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  9. juicy123
    Eclair Aug 20, 2014

    juicy123 , Aug 20, 2014 :
    I have 3 questions please!

    1. How about non US residents? Any chance for me in Sweden to gain access to one of your stores or do you not offer personal support outside US at this time? If not, are there any options in the works or available at all for us outside North America to use your products?
    I do understand that I probably could order the products and apply them by myself once, but upon the need of re-applying, I won't be able to take advantage of the $5 life-time warranty if there are no stores to turn to!

    2. I'm curious about the carbon fibre material you mentioned earlier for the back treatment of a black standalone version. What can be expected of that material compared to your normal see-through products for OPO? Does the carbon fibre offer even better protection? Are there any pros or cons to consider?
    Also, can the carbon fiber treatment be made by the customers themselves, or only by a professional dealer?

    3. Does applying your products still allow putting on an additional aluminum side bumper of some sorts on the OPO, mainly for aesthetic purposes...?

    Thx in advance!

  10. bullet9036
    Gingerbread Sep 6, 2014

  11. krzysztofer
    Gingerbread Sep 8, 2014

    krzysztofer , Sep 8, 2014 :
    @generalkipper What if I change my mind, don't like the Armor and decide to take it off? Will it leave any marks on the device? I would be thankful if you could please clarify on that

  12. Krakaass
    Gingerbread Sep 11, 2014

  13. Ruined Cities
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 11, 2014

  14. rainqueen
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 11, 2014

    rainqueen , Sep 11, 2014 :

  15. HipAizen
    Eclair Sep 11, 2014

  16. alonzotellier
    Froyo Sep 11, 2014

  17. Goran+
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 11, 2014

    Goran+ , Sep 11, 2014 :
    Way too expensive for my taste. I prefer TPU. I will stick with my Ringke Fusion Black Smoke.

    How exactly does ghost armor work? Is it stickers or what I am confused. Is it like dbrand for OPO?

  18. Haymond
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 11, 2014

    Haymond , Sep 11, 2014 :
    I'd be interested in trying this one out

  19. aashman
    Honeycomb Sep 11, 2014

    aashman , Sep 11, 2014 :
    You also have a handful of Ghost Armor locations in Ontario which I've bought the S3 screen protector. Chances of these locations also carrying the OPO ghost armor kit?

  20. ElJefe29
    Froyo Sep 11, 2014

    ElJefe29 , Sep 11, 2014 :
    That's an awful CLEAN install !!! And it is a wet adhesive?? I used to see kiosks for it but can't remember where. Amazon has really limited to trips to the mall over the past few year.