[Giveaway] What did you think of the OnePlus 6T launch?

  1. Ruby G. NA Community Manager Staff Member Oct 27, 2018

    Ruby G., Oct 27, 2018 :


    Whether you tuned in via broadcast or joined us in person, thanks for being a part of the OnePlus 6T launch. For us, launch day is always exhilarating. Months of work, sweat, midnight texts and espresso shots finally coming to an end. We finally get to share with the world all that we've been quietly working on.

    Of course, that's just our side of the story. We want to hear your experience and what you thought of the OnePlus 6T launch! As thanks, we'll be giving away 5 vouchers for the new OnePlus Explorer Backpack.

    [How to enter]
    Feel free to write whatever you want and include links or pictures as you feel inspired. Just be sure to cover these points to qualify for the giveaway part:
    • Did you attend the New York or Delhi launch? In person or via broadcast?
    • Share a bit about your launch experience - what did you think of the keynote and popup events? Feel free to include pictures or videos if you were at the live event.
    • Was there anything that could have been done better?
    All responses to this thread posted from now until Nov 5 will be considered game! I'll update this thread with winners by the end of November. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

    Never Settle.

    11/06 Update:

    Thank you to everyone who shared! I loved seeing the photos and your personal anecdotes. Took me right to the moment :) There were many amazing entries this time.

    We'd like to extend our congratulations to the following lucky ones. We'll reach out via PM for prize detail follow-ups.

    @palc, @Plenkske

    Thanks again, and we'll see you all soon! ;)

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  4. GopalB. Marshmallow Oct 29, 2018

    GopalB., Oct 29, 2018 :
    Let's try this one... o_O

    So now...
    As I attended both the events... :rolleyes: Via broadcast... Thanks to apple...

    There were several firsts that I noticed... And those were:
    1. Pete’s first time on stage in NYC.
    2. Pete’s first time English presentation
    3. Carl’s 1st keynote in India
    4. First screen unlock smart phone in the US
    Let's not go in all the specs, as that can be done by our capable Lab members... :D

    I also found the specs under a minute by @Szymon K. impressive like always and @Kyle K. forgetting the pun for aeroplane mode was hilarious in itself... ;)

    The cringe worthy “I love faces” and preference for 6T over a “heavy DSRL” by Kevin... :oops:

    And who could forget that FIDLOCK sound effect for Explorer back pack in NYC launch!!! :rolleyes:

    The loud cheer when free backpack was announced by @Carl and awesome English speech by @Pete...

    That's all I could come up with... :oops:

    So lets keep this simple like the launch... ;) Hope I completed this in time... Its still 1800 hrs in India...
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    G_Karothikeyan, Oct 29, 2018 :
    Thanks for giveaway @Ruby G.

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  8. BobbyV8_ The Showcase Reviewer Oct 29, 2018

    BobbyV8_, Oct 29, 2018 :
    Win by giving feedback? Game on. End of the month is 31st Oct or you mean by end of November?

    Also, promoting the broadcast to reach more viewers! You always amaze me.

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  11. Funk Wizard Lollipop Moderator Oct 29, 2018

    Funk Wizard, Oct 29, 2018 :
    I shall be attending the Delhi Event and hopefully share some nice memories with the crew ;)

  12. the_o2 Lollipop Oct 29, 2018

    the_o2, Oct 29, 2018 :
    Well, I have a question as I am going to watch the broadcast of both NY and New Delhi events can I post launch experience of both or only one :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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    Jester Smith, Oct 29, 2018 :
    do, you go,this event

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  19. manojgupta1992 Froyo Oct 29, 2018

    manojgupta1992, Oct 29, 2018 :
    She's clearly mentioned entries till Nov. 5 will be considered, so how can it be 31st Oct man?

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