[Giveaway] What did you think of the OnePlus 6T launch?

  1. aphrahman
    Froyo Oct 29, 2018

    aphrahman , Oct 29, 2018 :
    This is very interesting and important thread. I am a Tech writer and was waiting for the day and came finally (October 29/30, 2018) to add more content on my website than interesting to learn about what changes OnePlus will bring in upcoming OnePlus 6T smartphone compare to OnePlus 6 and its rivals / competitors' devices.

    How OnePlus will make more interesting and eagerness to its fans and others in the upcoming days as it has done in the past. Also, we have done so much different articles publishing about this phone from the day when we heard about OnePlus 6T official information.

    In addition, we were on Twitter and FB for a long hours to see the live launch video (broadcast) and comments with official phone's specifications detail to update them on our website. OnePlus 6T, Bullet Wireless earphones and Backpack detail etc. The New York event was just great and looking forward the same in Delhi as well.

    Due to new technology updates, OnePlus 6T has come with the latest pattern with more features' compare to earlier devices. The brand still stands unique and best for premium range.

    Hope to see some more innovation OnePlus gadgets in the near future. Best wishes.

  2. angielo
    Honeycomb Oct 29, 2018

    angielo , Oct 29, 2018 :
    I've been on the Euro Tour Toulouse to try the OnePlus 6, I was disappointed about the camera. So my favorite moment is the nightscape project for the 6T and the 6! (really nice to think about everyone). Also the battery improvement.

    - New York via broadcast.

    - The keynote was good I liked the main person, when he said like "I'm not here just to make some long speech like blablabla". I was not only waiting for the phone, I mean at the end for some new fireworks product to end the keynote, who could innovate the market again (I'm sure you gonna do this for the OnePlus 7 with the OnePlus TV).

    - Also my favorite moment was a comment on the video (wich can help to improve the futur phone).To respond the last question, I'm gonna quote this comment from the live event:


    PS: Again the bagpack in black is a beast.


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  3. l3p1dl0
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 29, 2018

  4. Ippolito1971
    Honeycomb Oct 29, 2018

    Ippolito1971 , Oct 29, 2018 :
    I loved how Pete was choked up when he walked into the stage. The reality of seeing his work materialize as it did for him there on stage. It was quite moving to see.

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  5. Sardnakan
    Cupcake Oct 29, 2018

    Sardnakan , Oct 29, 2018 :
    I thought the event was really exiting. I'm a big tech fan and seeing a new product being revealed live was really fun and cool!

  6. twistedsixty4
    Gingerbread Oct 29, 2018

    twistedsixty4 , Oct 29, 2018 :
    I watched the event live streamed while i was commuting into San Francisco, i wish i could have been there in person. as for the launch experience, it was wonderful to see the emphasis on the community throughout the event. it reminded my of my time waiting for my invite for the oneplus one, the time i spent in this community back then, and the my experience with the oneplus one as my daily driver.

    so story time..

    my oneplus one was my favorite smartphone i've had to date. Then one day during a flight back to san francisco, i had it stolen right out of my bag while disembarking my flight. i tried to get the police to follow my device in the airport but they were more concerned with me filling out the paperwork.. and the android device manager lost the phone after it had gotten a few miles from the airport while i was waiting for my connecting flight. i was heart broken.

    the next day i went to tmobile to get a cheap burner phone and try and track my device imei, so the rep decides to switch my phone first, then asks what my imei is from my oneplus one. to which i told him i didnt have it and he needed to pull it from the tmobile system. however since he setup the new phone first, it removed my previous device from the system. so tmobile was unable to do anything to find my device.

    i stuck with the burner phone, trying to figure out what to do or get next, quietly hoping that i might be able to recover my oneplus. about two weeks later while sitting at my desk at work pushbullet (a notification mirroring application) suddenly dumped tons of notifications into my browser, and i realized that my oneplus had been turned on without being wiped. i quickly opened the android device manager and the location popped up.. at a rehab center in malibu, california.

    I immediately called the police officer that was handling my case, except no answer. after several tries i decided to lookup the rehab center's phone number and try it that way.. i talked to a very friendly staffer who took down a description of my oneplus (she was really confused by the name, i had to explain what it even was) and my phone number and said she would review people who either entered the center or had visitors since the theft. after an anxious 15 minutes she called back. she had my phone in her hands, and next day aired it to me. that was one of the happiest days of my life.

    pardon for the long story, but the oneplus 6t has brought me back to the oneplus family. i dearly loved my oneplus one, it is still my favorite smartphone to date. however subsequent oneplus devices didnt draw me back. the 6t has that same excitement to me that the oneplus one did. i am so excited to pick it up at my store in SF on thursday.

    as for if there is anything i would change from today's launch.. well be careful what you ask for. (for context I am a product manager at a tech company in san francisco) it was great to have Pete kick off the launch in english, however the presentations throughout the launch could use some coaching on avoiding crutch words (like, okay, alright, umm, and so on). the videos to announce certain elements were good, but missed opportunities to showcase the selling point. (where was the slowmo timer for fingerprint unlock? if the bragging point is speed show it off more, is it as fast as a back panel fingerprint reader?) it was great to see other products come to the stage as well, but they all lacked any sort of 'reveal'. i have other thoughts, but theses are the big points to me..

    anyways all in all it was a great launch and oneplus is making huge steps in maturing as a company. i really hope you guys make it for the long haul!
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  7. jeremiah.s
    Froyo Oct 29, 2018

    jeremiah.s , Oct 29, 2018 :
    Ended up attending the event and was very surprised by how well done it was. I loved being able to use the phone immediately after the announcement, and those cakepops and mini cupcakes too haha.

    Didn't get to watch Jerry work his magic tearing down the phone but it was interesting watching all the adult men fangirling over Linus lol.

    Thanks for the headphones and the bag!!

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  8. azuldio
    Froyo Oct 29, 2018

    azuldio , Oct 29, 2018 :
    To be honest, Google needs to watch your presentation and learn! I mean seriously hats off to you guys, to how much you have grown. A big thumbs up to the entire team! As far as what you could've improved, maybe the livestream could've been of a better quality. looked somewhat like 720p. But still, not a major issue.

  9. ErikGarrido3
    Donut Oct 29, 2018

    ErikGarrido3 , Oct 29, 2018 :
    I loved the presentation of OnePlus 6t, you have shown that adding more cameras does not improve photography, the OxygenOs layer is very fast, you have made a great smartphone.

  10. Punit_Basumatary
    Cupcake Oct 29, 2018

    Punit_Basumatary , Oct 29, 2018 :
    Am using 5t . I know it's older a bit now then the 6 or 6t but for me it's the best ... cause all are of one plus #never_settle

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  11. JustAPhone
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 29, 2018

  12. Aqeeb Iqbal Arka
    Cupcake Oct 29, 2018

    Aqeeb Iqbal Arka , Oct 29, 2018 :
    would love at least an invite for the backpack!! fingers crossed!!

    the best part of the announcement was the timing of the in display FP scanner, at least someone mentioned the time needed to unlock! now we have a benchmark!

  13. Skoust
    Cupcake Oct 30, 2018

    Skoust , Oct 30, 2018 :
    None! Yet another huge phablet! When will we ever get a one-hand phone again? A bezelless 5.5" device. Now I'll have to order a Pixel 3. Bye OnePlus!

  14. F_Mazhar_Khan_LInh
    Eclair Oct 30, 2018

    F_Mazhar_Khan_LInh , Oct 30, 2018 :
    Hello OnePlus,

    it's been wonderful since I bought my one plus 3 2 years back and joined the One Plus family, though I couldn't attend the NY Event and watch the event via broadcast.

    One more into addition of OnePlus, and of course with new features excellent work done. Loved it.

    Thanks OnePlus for launching another impressive product and you guys keep the people requirements in mind and launch again and again wonderful products.

    Thanks once again.


  15. MeltedTrout4
    Cupcake Oct 30, 2018

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  16. Samir Kamouni
    Cupcake Oct 30, 2018

    Samir Kamouni , Oct 30, 2018 :
    I have attended your keynote via broadcast. (I live in Italy, just for the record.)
    The event itself was entertaining, I really enjoyed it.
    The only downside, in my opinion, was the fact that you have been a little bit shady about the compatibility of those new software features with previous devices, in particular with the OnePlus 6.
    Anyway, that's just me. In fact, I have a OnePlus 6.

  17. Sourav Kumar Sahu
    Gingerbread Oct 30, 2018

    Sourav Kumar Sahu , Oct 30, 2018 :
    i ment Carl Pei

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  18. _ilo_
    Gingerbread Oct 30, 2018

    _ilo_ , Oct 30, 2018 :

    unfortunately I wasn't able to be live at the event but I watched the Livestream and my biggest highlight was this:

    I love gestures in general and OnePlus is making it even better everytime. What could be better is that the specs of the OnePlus 6T shouldn't be shown directly in one presentation slide. OnePlus should be making it more excited :)

    Anyways Great products released today [e]1f44d[/e]

    Have a nice day and thanks for reading my feedback.

  19. xeon101
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 30, 2018

    xeon101 , Oct 30, 2018 :
    watch out for shitty rounded corners...(I'm excludythe notch) it's really ugly....it should be more sharply curve... I am sure I'm not going to love it...

  20. FarmanMKhan0110
    Eclair Oct 30, 2018

    FarmanMKhan0110 , Oct 30, 2018 :
    Are you going alone? Tag me along if ur alone. xD