[GIVEAWAY] What's been the Golden Moment of your life?

  1. giorgio
    Honeycomb Aug 8, 2017

    giorgio , Aug 8, 2017 :
    A golden moment is when I have been offered my current job. Quite unexpected, with one of the best friend. Epic! And the offer included an extra sum that was called "golden hello". Awesome!

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  2. milkdude
    KitKat Aug 8, 2017

    milkdude , Aug 8, 2017 :
    Golden moment.......
    Would have to be the birth of my first daughter.
    It was then I realized, that part of my mission on this Earth, was to help her be the best she could be.

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  3. Ananya Gogoi
    Eclair Aug 8, 2017

    Ananya Gogoi , Aug 8, 2017 :
    the happiest moment of my life, when my i got my first phone. It was the samsung j1. My mother gave it to me when I pass class 8.


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  4. Deactivated User
    Aug 8, 2017

  5. adpro
    KitKat Aug 8, 2017

    adpro , Aug 8, 2017 :
    Golden moment of my life: When I won the race leaving behind millions of sperms in the womb !

  6. G_Schiph_Alley_wDtM
    Cupcake Aug 8, 2017

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  7. ssagheer
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 8, 2017

    ssagheer , Aug 8, 2017 :
    Well I also won that race but don't remember it as I was too young. :p
    But I do remember when one of my sperms won the race and we got blessed with a daughter. :)
    That would be my golden moment.

  8. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016; Most Active User 2020 Aug 8, 2017

    Dresa91 , Aug 8, 2017 :
    Mein bester und goldener Moment war, als meine Freundin im Februar auf meine Frage, ob sie mich heiraten will, "ja" gesagt hat und wir nun im August 2018 heiraten werden :)

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  9. ssagheer
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 8, 2017

    ssagheer , Aug 8, 2017 :
    God bless you both with a lifetime of love, care and happiness. :)

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  10. Sam Nakamura
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 8, 2017

    Sam Nakamura , Aug 8, 2017 :
    Der goldene Moment meines Lebens war sicherlich die Geburt meiner Tochter Anna, nichts schöneres oder anmutigeres hätte ich mir vorstellen können, niemals... [e]270c[/e]️

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  11. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016; Most Active User 2020 Aug 8, 2017

    Dresa91 , Aug 8, 2017 :
    Thanks dude :)

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  12. AntMunny
    KitKat Aug 8, 2017

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  13. szabzsofi
    Cupcake Aug 8, 2017

    szabzsofi , Aug 8, 2017 :
    Our first getaway as husband and wife, right after our wedding last year, to a pretty little Greek island. Our hearts were filled with love and happy memories from our wedding and we dedicated those days fully to each other. One moment was particularly golden: he took me on a quad trip around the island and as we reached Lefkes, a beautiful old town entirely overlooked by other vacationers, the locals greeted us and the warm rays of the setting sun painted our faces golden.

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  14. OmarFPG
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 8, 2017

    OmarFPG , Aug 8, 2017 :
    I'd say, the first kiss with my girlfriend (and future wife :)) ...
    We had been going out and chatting 24/7 for around 3-4 months, we were really into each other, and we were forming a truly awesome and unique connection, really deep, getting to know each other, getting comfortable with each other, feeling like we could be 100% us around each other, and not only we were comfortable enough to do so, but the other liked it. It was quite a journey.

    However, as much as we wanted to move forward, we were holding it back, as she didn't want to be around kissing people while she wasn't in a relationship, and I respected that of her, and agreed somehow, disregarding how difficult it was, even more with the occasional teasing here and there haha. It was really obvious we both wanted it, we were reaaally really close lots of times, but we had a lot of respect for each other and for her commitment. So we hold it back. We just kept going out, sharing nice moments, sharing our thoughts, points of views, beliefs, etc, everything.

    That of course allowed for the relationship to develop in a more profound way, we liked each other for who we were, we grew fond and attached of each other for everything that represented being us, not for how we looked like or anything, but for who we were as human beings. Until we fell in love. We were falling in love, inevitably, little by little. Until there was a point when there weren't any doubts left. We were in love, and it was mutual.

    I remember her look. I mean, the way she looked at me. Her eyes glowing while she looks at me. So. Much. Love in her eyes. As if everything I was saying was the most incredible thing she had ever heard. Her laugh as if my terrible, almost dad-jokes were the most hilarious thing in the world. I'm telling you, it was the most beautiful look in the world, made me feel like I was the greatest man ever, and made me want to work hard to actually be it, at least for her. I was in love, and I could feel she was in love as well.

    Then one day we were hanging out with each other, and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed we wouldn't be able to have a relationship and move forward if she wasn't ready, what if she never was? She knew I was and I had been for a long time now, and just waiting for her. It was really harder now, with all those feelings involved, of course. It really got me hard. I just wanted to be with her, to be her everything, and we were "nothing" (big, big quotes here, as that was far from being true, from both sides). She noticed this, told me to get closer to her, I lay down and rest my head on her lap and close my eyes for a bit. I felt really comfortable and at peace there.

    Out of nowhere, I notice she kisses her thumb, and presses it against my lips, and she mouths the words "Te amo" ("I love you", as we are native Spanish speakers, and I take the opportunity to note here that we have like two levels of ILY, first is "te quiero" which is more of a friendly thing, and "te amo" which is the real thing :))... So, my heart skips a beat. I smile and I say "me too". She goes what? And I say again, me too. She tried to act innocent. You too what? -I know what you said. And me too. -You don't know what I said. -Oh, believe me I do.

    I'm sitting next to her now. So I build up some courage, and finally tell her that I love her, out of the blue, and she replies that she loves me too, and out of the nowhere we were kissing each other instantly, as if it was a reflex, it came so natural, what we hold on for so long, it just felt so natural to do, no hesitation, no holding back at all from either of us. We were kissing. With so much love, desire, passion, three months worth of waiting and building up in a single kiss, but now even better because it was filled with love. True love.

    So, that's it, that's the story of our first kiss, and our first "I love you". :) (didn't want to spoil that on the beginning).

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  15. OmarFPG
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 8, 2017

    OmarFPG , Aug 8, 2017 :
    Ah, I got another one, but this one isn't an entry for the contest though, the entry would be this one ^ :) this is more of a PS: the time I took part of the B&W photography contest, and I was one of the winners, furthermore, seeing my photo highlighted and featured prominently both here on the forums and the social networks of my favorite brand, it was really an awesome and incredible feeling!! :)

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  16. JHeisecke
    Froyo Aug 8, 2017

    JHeisecke , Aug 8, 2017 :
    El momento en el que más feliz fui, fue cuando le pedí a mi mejor amiga (en ese entonces) a que sea mi novia (después de 6 meses de estar enamorado de ella), ella aceptó y me contó lo que sentía por mi, ese momento fue la punta de mi felicidad, fui muy feliz con ella; lastima que terminamos, pero no me arrepiento de haber estado con ella.

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  17. dud2stud
    Eclair Aug 8, 2017

    dud2stud , Aug 8, 2017 :
    Aunt said I wouldn't amount to shit. Told me I should follow the path of her daughter bc we are the same age. she graduate college and I didn't. I am now 30 and married with 2 children. I have a career while her daughter whores around making less money than me. My golden moment is proving her wrong.

  18. spartan2024
    KitKat Aug 8, 2017

    spartan2024 , Aug 8, 2017 :
    The happiest day was a spontaneous tennis match against (or rather with) my grandpa. I was quite young and trained with my parents on that day when my grandpa was driving by and decided to visit us on the court. When he saw us train there, he decided to train and play with me after a short chat with my parents.
    I must have been in elementary school in that days and some years later my grandpa died, but this is one moment in my life I will never forget.

    There are a lot of other happy moments in my life but due to the loss this is one of the happiest and one day with my grandpa I remember as it was yesterday.

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  19. woSch
    Photography Expert Aug 8, 2017

    woSch , Aug 8, 2017 :
    I'm glad to remember several golden Moments. The birth of my three children was everytime a key/golden moment in my life...

    @Adam Krisko all the best for your family, you will remember this for your whole life! Greatings from Düsseldorf ... you will also remember Alt&Schnitzel ;)

    The Moment I met my wife is - of course - also a very golden moment...
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  20. agoinfly
    Marshmallow Aug 8, 2017

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