Giving Away my invites. Got three to give away

  1. nabate79
    Donut Jul 24, 2014

  2. dansamy
    Honeycomb Jul 24, 2014

    dansamy , Jul 24, 2014 :
    He was disappointed that I woke up, lol!

  3. Philpan
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 24, 2014

    Philpan , Jul 24, 2014 :
    I proposed thru an easter egg hunt. Had little things in each egg, and the last was the ring

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  4. Slyck
    Froyo Jul 24, 2014

    Slyck , Jul 24, 2014 :
    Interesting, but my gf isn't the nerdy type. She is the hot, athletic type. Appreciate it.

  5. dannysingh
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 24, 2014

    dannysingh , Jul 24, 2014 :
    lol. I'll bet he was!! Poor fella!!

  6. cbrpikachu
    Honeycomb Jul 24, 2014

    cbrpikachu , Jul 24, 2014 :
    thumbs up to supporting military

    in terms of proposal, gotta see what she loves. girls love when you notice all the little things. mix in memories, experiences, something sweet and a hint of the future.

  7. risky1301
    Lollipop Jul 24, 2014

    risky1301 , Jul 24, 2014 :
    Thats was a cool idea!

  8. fastred1
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 24, 2014

  9. ITS_NOM
    Froyo Jul 24, 2014

    ITS_NOM , Jul 24, 2014 :
    I'd take you on a nice scavenger hunt around the city. Start in the morning with a clue on the kitchen counter. It goes place to place across the city featuring some significant landmarks (both in our city and in our relationship). Includes our favorite restaurant, the place we first kissed, etc.. At the end of the scavenger hunt, it ends with a nice picnic in the park and then I propose.

    Boom. Can we get married?

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  10. Aditya Shahi
    Honeycomb Jul 24, 2014

  11. rabeltra17
    Froyo Jul 24, 2014

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  12. navkakan
    Cupcake Jul 24, 2014

    navkakan , Jul 24, 2014 :
    If the end of the world comes, I hope to be in West Virginia.

    Everything happens 20 years later there!

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  13. Proofie
    Gingerbread Jul 24, 2014

    Proofie , Jul 24, 2014 :
    My dad, im getting one for him
    Ex-British army Clerk
    number 21164871
    Retired on 1996 after 25 years of service from Hong Kong

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  14. TristanMann
    Donut Jul 24, 2014

  15. sgandy2989
    Cupcake Jul 24, 2014

    sgandy2989 , Jul 24, 2014 :
    Very cool idea man, I much appreciate the thought for all my fellow solders.

  16. Slyck
    Froyo Jul 24, 2014

    Slyck , Jul 24, 2014 :
    ME of course.

    Outdoorsy stuff, Sleeping, disneyworld, amusement parks, animals!....

    and oh yea...compliments... :)

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  17. dansamy
    Honeycomb Jul 24, 2014

    dansamy , Jul 24, 2014 :
    It's all good. We've been married over 16 years, have three teenagers & been through all sorts of ups & downs right beside each other. I absolutely love him unconditionally.

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  18. anmali
    Honeycomb Jul 24, 2014

    anmali , Jul 24, 2014 :
    I think you should just take your gf to a drivethru window of any chain restaurant and give the drive-thru window people WILL YOU MARRY ME (or whatever you wanna say) in separate words (make like stickers or something) ahead of time.
    Have them put WILL first time in your order bag and once you come out pretend you forgot something to order
    Next time have them put YOU in your order bag and pretend they didn`t give you the right order..
    and so on..
    At the same time keep giving those words to your gf and act all confused and keep yelling at the drivethrough people for ******* it up..
    Once she gets all the words, act really violent and pretend to come outta car like you are about to smash someone`s head from inside that restaurant BUT instead you know the rest...

    I tried,,lol,,,:p

  19. boil3iz
    Froyo Jul 24, 2014

    boil3iz , Jul 24, 2014 :
    Am a Naval Officer and my rank is Flt, did my military training at Britannia Royal Naval College. I am currently working as a materials engineer in the Coastguard

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  20. Dsh0t
    Cupcake Jul 24, 2014

    Dsh0t , Jul 24, 2014 :
    Is the proposal going to be a complete surprise? As in, she won't even know you're going to be there. If so, an interesting way could be to photobomb her - but not in the conventional way. Say she's with some friends or family at a really cool place that you can't make it to because of "work" or something related. Dress up nice, hide somewhere that her friends/family know where you're going to be, and come into the picture on a pose of your choice: maybe on one knee facing her, or just standing far in the background. Wait for her to go check the picture on the camera/phone and notice her surprised face as she notices you in it. You could wait in the same pose, or even hide and have everyone in on it and act surprised to see you too. It's pretty flexible and interesting way to surprise her if she's into surprises like that. I'm considering this for my SO for when she visits an antique carousel with her family, and being on the carousel in the background of the picture. But that example is just because that's what she's into.

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