Giving Out Invites

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    WindyWindy , Sep 30, 2014 :
    These invites that I spent time obtaining from other forum members were suppose to help my friends buy the phones but apparently some last minutes situation occurred and couldn't get the phones anymore. I have two invites, one from AaliFaruqui and anaxis that were kind enough to give them to me.
    Even though I'm saying all this, I don't think a lot of people are going to read it since most would be desperately looking for the link.

    One thing to NOTE is that you got to be able to purchase the phone right after the invite is sent out because I don't remember how long until these keys will expire so it's better to be safe than watching it vanish.
    There'll be some hints(Try not to over think what I'm giving out) in finding the missing clues that are blanked out in.

    Well if you look at that, there's seems to be a lot of Cherry Blossoms "Trees(N)" blooming around. I wonder if I can get "multiples(X)" of them around. They all seem to be consistent in keeping this amount in every positions but with a slight change every time.

    Oh Magic Ball, Thou Shall tell thy to look through a reflection


    Well, that'll be all.. Good Luck

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