Global Tutorial Competition Instructions - Canada

  1. Ruby G. Thinker of Content Staff Member Jan 7, 2019

    Ruby G., Jan 7, 2019 :

    Hello Canada!

    Welcome to your local hive on the OnePlus forums. Your regional focus is CONTROL. You can make a tutorial on one or more of the following features:

    App Locker
    Hidden Space
    Gaming Mode 3.0
    Alert Slider

    Recap of how to enter:
    • Create a video teaching this feature in your native dialect or hometown accent. Please upload to a streaming website or Google Drive. Keep it under 60 seconds.
    • Post your entry before January 25th in the Canada subforum as a new thread. Use #GlobalTutorial in the title. Be sure to tell us which regional dialect or accent you are using.
    Please note that if your account is less than 15 days old, you can only post new threads in Starting Point. If that’s the case, just follow the titling rules and we'll help migrate your thread to the appropriate country subforum.
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