#Global Tutorial - Slow Motion Tamglish (Tamil+English)

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    aj2989 , Jan 24, 2019 :
    Vanakkam Guys! This is my entry for the global tutorial of slow motion video on the OnePlus device.
    I have explained with my mother tongue (Tamil - Tamil Nadu) with a few English words in the mix as India has many languages and tried to modernise the dialect a bit (apologies if I butchered the dialect )
    So anyway, hope you enjoy. I know I did making this

    (sorry for the many edits as I didn't want to do them on the community app)

    Here's a rough translation
    "Hello guys, I am going to show you how to take slow motion video on the OnePlus device.
    Firstly, open the camera app and then swipe up from near the shutter button and select the slow motion option at bottom of the row, in the middle. Now, you can change the FPS at the top left to 1080p 240 FPS or 720p 480 FPS. Now, remember, you can only take slow motion video for up to 1 minute only and sun light is required for a non flickering video; it will flicker in indoors definitely.
    Shoot your subject and hit stop, then at the right side of your shutter button there is a circle, when clicked at - takes you to the video you just shot (I did an illustration purpose example and deleted the video immediately to show my previously shot video.)
    Click the play button to enter the editor. The top slider is the slow motion slider and the bottom is the video length slider; adjust them according to your need and hit save at the top right corner.
    Now the video will export to your gallery. I will show some examples now. "

    PS: If you feel I'm talking too fast, then please use the YouTube video interface to reduce the video speed to 0.75x although I drop down 2 octaves :D


    Youtube Preview:

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    YRJ , Jan 24, 2019 :
    Nalla irke! :)

    As you'd expect the user edited his post in the community app and the video is gone! Until the original post is edited again, watch it here:

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    aj2989 , Jan 24, 2019 :
    Didn't know about that, thanks for pointing it out :D Will edit the link again.

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