Gmail & Whatsapp not updated untill we do it manually

  1. Tiwi1990
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 21, 2018

    Tiwi1990 , Feb 21, 2018 :
    It is off, but i still have problem with gmail

  2. bagl0312
    Froyo Feb 22, 2018

    bagl0312 , Feb 22, 2018 :
    FYI: my gmail app started to synchronize again tonight.
    I did not do anything special, so my first hypothesis is that some action has been done by google at server level, to cure this kind of problems.
    Is it fixed now also for others?

  3. kunal.h222
    KitKat Feb 22, 2018

    kunal.h222 , Feb 22, 2018 :
    is it fixed now for you like him?

  4. dennisdips
    Eclair Feb 22, 2018

    dennisdips , Feb 22, 2018 :
    Gmail in my phone does sync in the background and there is even its notification in the status bar. but one thing which is missing is the led notification .. i dont get the led notification even though there is notification sound. i checked all settings but still nothing..
    Also strangely when i added another gmail account to check if the led notification issue persists with that as well or not. In this 2nd gmail account I do get the sound notification as well led light notification but the led light is green even though the default light i have set is yellow..
    So its all strange and confusing..

  5. Tiwi1990
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 22, 2018

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