Go Beyond Speed! Join us in OnePlus 7 Series Launch Event

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    Probably not doesn't say so.

    Maybe pop-ups will be there

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    When can we get the tickets for Bangalore event ?!? I am so eagerly waiting !

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    There you have it. The OnePlus 7 series launch right at our home turf: Bengaluru.

    Here’s all you need to know:

    Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) 10th Mile, Tumkur Main Road, Madavara Dasanapura, Hobli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562123

    14th May Registration outside the venue starts at 6:30 pm sharp. So be there on time. Gates to the venue open at 7:45 pm


    Be one of the first people in India (and the world) to experience the OnePlus 7 series in person with Carl and the OnePlus India team.

    Get the OnePlus BulletsType C earphones, and other exclusive OnePlus merchandise.

    To start off, visit our launch page to see all launch related information: www.oneplus.in/2019/launch

    When you’re ready, get your invite here: onepl.us/OP7_Invites. You can grab your launch invite at 10AM on 25th of April.

    Transport: How to get there?
    This time, for the OnePlus 7 series launch, we will be arranging shuttle services within Bengaluru for all our launch attendees. So you can choose between one of the following pick up and drop off points in the city.

    And for our female attendees, we will be taking your safety seriously. We are arranging private cab services to drop you back home, safely, after the launch event. You can enter in your drop location on our form. (You will receive a link to this form by the 28th of April, after you get your launch invite)

    Here are our pickup and drop off points in Bengaluru:

    Banashankri 3rd Stage - Opp. PESIT University

    Basavanagudi - BullTempleRoad

    BTM Layout - OppShopper Stop

    Cox Town & Maruthi Seva Nagar - Opp ITC Factory

    FrazerTown & Cox Town - NearSt.GermanSchool

    HSR Layout - BDA Complex

    JC Nagar & JayamahalExtn - OppFunWorld

    Kamanahalli - Opp. St.CharlesHighSchool

    KR Puram - Opp. ITI TownShip Gate

    Mahalakshi & Nandini Layout - Opp ISKON Temple

    Rajarajeshwari Nagar - Opp. The Club

    Nagasandra metro station

    If you’re using Bengaluru Metro, the closest metro station to BIEC is Nagasandra metro station whichis 4km away from the venue. (We have also added a shuttle bus pickup and drop off service at this location)

    And for those of you coming by car, we do have parking open for our community members.

    Tips and pointers:

    Get ready to grab your invites soon. Ticket sales will go live at 10AM on the 25th of April.

    The QR code you get with your invite is your ticket to the launch. That’s all you need to register outside the venue and enter.

    Registration starts at 6:30PM sharp so try to be there at least half an hour early.

    If you wish to avail the transportation service, do remember to fill in the details on the transportation link which will be shared with you by the 28th of April

    Let me know if you have any queries and I’ll be happy to answer. Hope to see you there!

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    In India the launch event will be in Bengaluru only.

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    super. To see all the details

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    Oh, how I'd LOVE to go to NYC again for my second launch event but alas I cannot do so this time. Much love though!

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    Did you expect them to stop releasing devices after the 6T?

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