Good news, bad news for the Oneplus 1

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  1. SoniaB
    Nougat Senior Moderator Dec 26, 2014

    SoniaB , Dec 26, 2014 :
    did you mean to reply to my post? As I can't figure where yours and mine relate. :confused::)

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  2. stephenlotus
    KitKat Dec 26, 2014

    stephenlotus , Dec 26, 2014 :
    I feel like you paid too much.

    hmmm ok

    I really want to know your age.

    he's the only one.

    but this doesn't look like an honest problem to the majority of knowledgeable forum members.

    they were pretty quick and friendly to me back in September. I just couldn't afford to give them $201

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  3. ta92649
    Gingerbread Dec 27, 2014

    ta92649 , Dec 27, 2014 :
    Best reply in the history of Oneplus.. well done mang!

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  4. emeute
    Honeycomb Dec 27, 2014

    emeute , Dec 27, 2014 :
    Man I have had my opo for 3 months. Its flawless.

    Just not understanding how your phone got like that?


  5. emeute
    Honeycomb Dec 27, 2014

    emeute , Dec 27, 2014 :
    Why not put a case on? Ringke Fusion?

    Its like 7 bucks.


  6. lassmat
    Jelly Bean Dec 27, 2014

    lassmat , Dec 27, 2014 :
    Is that your experience or just an opinion?

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  7. stephenlotus
    KitKat Dec 27, 2014

    stephenlotus , Dec 27, 2014 :
    haha thanks a lot

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  8. laloman18
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 27, 2014

    laloman18 , Dec 27, 2014 :
    Stupid imbecile kid! I didn't know what the **** u were complaining g since u never clearly stated it on ur post dumb ***! Even when posting the picture u still didn't clear up what the fu$#% was going on. Typical kid bullshit! U broke that back plate for being stupid trying to chage it or modifying it somehow and think u can slip one on 1+. I had my phone since beginning of June ***** and still is in mint condition.
    The whole 1+1 full housing kit including the sandstone backplate is just under $30. Just for the Sandstone back plate or the White backplate cost less then $15. Only FOOL complaint!

  9. asmh_9
    Honeycomb Dec 27, 2014

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  10. Hassan_Abdul
    KitKat Dec 27, 2014

    Hassan_Abdul , Dec 27, 2014 :
    after a glass or "two" I had the idea to use my phone as a bottle opener ... but I didn't do it then... because a cigarette lighter was available ;-)

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  11. Matrixomni2100
    Cupcake Dec 27, 2014

    Matrixomni2100 , Dec 27, 2014 :
    That doesn't sound right. I was in a situation similar to yours with my lg g2 years ago

  12. robojesus69
    Gingerbread Dec 27, 2014

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  13. sjstays
    Froyo Dec 27, 2014

    sjstays , Dec 27, 2014 :
    But OTE="peteryu, post: 8423662, member: 232964"]Didn't do enough research about the company or the phone before buying. Check.

    Broke it (or whatever) and now here to complain. Check.

    In before the lock too, such racist remark will not be tolerated if it's seen by a mod.[/QUOTE]
    Agree with this.. We can be for sure become frustrated.. But doesn't give us any reason to be racist. Am not a saint but these comments were uncalled for.

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  14. ta92649
    Gingerbread Dec 27, 2014

    ta92649 , Dec 27, 2014 :
    Lalo.. you are a nasty, smart mouthed hatred spewing imbecile! Thanks for nothing..

  15. stephenlotus
    KitKat Dec 27, 2014

    stephenlotus , Dec 27, 2014 :
    he's 50

  16. vcespon
    Gingerbread Dec 27, 2014

    vcespon , Dec 27, 2014 :
    I've seen a lot of phones, Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei, Zopo, Lenovo... expensive and cheap ones, and I have never seen one case of the back cover breaking by itself. If the back cover was not correctly seated the pressure could lead to something like this. Anyway, a back cover is not expensive, like US$20 for the sandstone one. Of all the problems you can have with a phone, a piece of broken plastic is one I would prefer to others more serious.

  17. Teeejay26
    Gingerbread Dec 27, 2014

    Teeejay26 , Dec 27, 2014 :
    If you wrote the ticket in this style to the customer service iam not surprised you got ignored...

  18. ofir230899
    Donut Jun 28, 2015

  19. Nevabackdown
    Jelly Bean Jun 28, 2015

    Nevabackdown , Jun 28, 2015 :
    This whole melodrama is being rested upon a big heap of bull [check] ahem lie...
    Agree on their pathetic customer service
    But its not Friday the 13th where suddenly some semicirles grow and kill the back cover.....
    I am going back to watch Paranormal Activity - The MARKED ones:D

  20. Baymax
    Starting Point Expert Jun 28, 2015

    Baymax , Jun 28, 2015 :
    You do realize this thread is incredibly old. Right?

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