Google Assistant Commands for the OnePlus TV

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    Venky61 , May 22, 2020 :
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    Hey Everyone,

    The voice-activated virtual assistant that we know by the name "Google Assistant" was first introduced in the Google I/O developer conference in May 2016, and it was first available on the Google Pixel on October 20, 2016. We all surely used Google Assistant more than once on the phone or through the smart speakers for our daily tasks. With time, the Google Assistant (GA) is slowly becoming a part of our lifestyle and its integration to different devices at home is making the hands-free control more convenient. Say the magic word "Ok Google" and it's right there like a Genie for Aladdin to give you the latest updates or get your tasks done.

    GA Meme.jpg

    To be frank, I would be lying if I say that I get all my tasks done using GA. Though I want to, I eventually end up doing them manually. It has a learning curve, you need to have the right services linked to it in order to get the right output you are looking for. Also, I remember a couple of years back the struggle I had to make GA understand what I am saying. It's like talking to an angry partner :p..........Thank god!! English (India) is now a thing :D

    Things have changed with time, the speech recognition has improved a lot and there are more familiar services that are integrated for ease of use. The smart assistants that were initially limited to the Speakers have now made it to Television sets. Let it be the Alexa on the latest Fire Stick or the Google Assistant on the Android TVs, you get relevant information instantly on the Large Screen.

    Now, the OnePlus TV is powered with GA and it has a dedicated button on the remote to activate it. "Hold the button and say the command". The capabilities of the GA on the TV are very similar to that of a speaker with a few limitations but also a few interesting additions.

    The GA works on steroids with some apps but disappoints with a few. Often I put a lot of effort to search the availability of a movie on every OTT app, but little did I know that the Google Assistant can make that job done faster. So it's important to know where and when to use it. This post is dedicated to listing out some interesting GA commands that you can use with the OnePlus TV Remote. By the end of this post, I am sure that you will realize you could have avoided using your phone for a few things while watching TV. So, let's get started :)

    I have divided the commands into a few categories for easy identification. The command is followed by its output.

    Disclaimer: GA likes to show off what it's doing for you, so most of the outputs are accompanied by a voice-over from the Assistant instead of silently getting the job done. So be prepared for some announcements :D

    A. Device Control

    1. Turn OFF OnePlus TV
    O: Puts the TV to Sleep (Total Power OFF or Restart are not possible)

    2. Turn ON OnePlus TV
    O: Wakes up the TV from Sleep (You have to use a Google Speaker or GA on phone for this command as the GA on remote won't work while the TV is in sleep)

    3. Open Settings
    O: Opens settings page of the TV

    4. Mute/Unmute
    O: Mutes or Unmutes the TV volume

    5. Increase/Decrease Volume
    O: Increases/Decreases TV Volume by 10 units

    6. Slightly Increase/Decrease Volume
    O: Increases/Decreases TV Volume by 5 units. (Sometimes it might increase/decrease by 6 units too)

    7: Increase/Decrease Volume by a lot
    O: Increases/Decreases TV Volume by 20 units.

    8. Volume 10

    O: Sets TV volume level to that specific number.

    9: Switch to HDMI 1/2/3/4
    O: Switches to the mentioned HDMI input. (You can also say Input instead of HDMI)

    10. Home Screen

    O: Takes you back to Android TV Home Screen.

    11. Turn ON/OFF Smart Bulb

    O: Turns On/Off any smart device at home. (I tried controlling a Smart Bulb and it worked perfectly well)

    B. Play Media

    1. Open "Netflix/Hotstar/Youtube/Prime Video/---"

    O: Opens up that particular App.
    This works for a majority of the Apps installed except for few that are not recognized either due to the pronunciation or because it searches for a single word as two words. For ex, when you say "Open ErosNow", it searches for "Eros Now" and comes up with Youtube results. The same happens with JioCinema too.
    In such cases, use the command "Open Jio Cinema App". This time as we added App to the command, it comes up with App results as below, and we can click to open the App.


    2. Play Money Heist on Netflix
    O: Opens the Title called out on the mentioned App. Similar results can be obtained for SpecificTitles from Youtube and Google Play Movies too.
    Here's the total list of Apps that can we control the playback with GA Netflix, Hulu, CW, CBS All Access, HBO Now, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Viki, Crackle, Red Bull, STARZ, and Google Play Movies & TV.

    3. Pause

    O: Pauses the playback on the supported apps.

    4. Fast forward/Rewind five minutes
    O: Works only on Youtube for now. (It might work on Google Play Movies too but I couldn't check)

    5. Play some songs
    O: Plays songs from the music service selected as default in the Google Assistant Settings on the phone.

    6. Play Latest English songs/ Specific Playlists/ Liked Songs

    O: Plays playlists from your account. Spotify works best in recognizing the specific playlists and content close to the search.

    7. Play Latest songs from Youtube
    O: Starts video playback of the Youtube mix created for you.

    8. Play music on Home Speaker
    O: Plays the music on the Google Speaker, if you have one.

    9. Show my pictures
    O: Starts a slideshow of pictures available on Google Photos. (You need to give permission for accessing personal information and also select Google Photos in video services of GA settings on the phone)

    10. Show me photos of Dad/Mumbai
    O: Shows photos of the specific person or location from your google photos. (You should have location and people tagged ON for this to work)

    C. Search Content

    1. Search Asphalt on Playstore

    O: Brings up the App/game search Results from Playstore.

    2. Show me some Horror Movies
    O: Brings up Horror Movies from the Supported Apps (Google Play Movies/Netflix/Youtube) You can even ask for a specific time period like Horror movies from 2018, romantic movies from 2015.


    3. Search for Iron Man 3
    O: At first glance, this command seems to give the basic information about the Movie/Series Title, Rotten Tomatoes Score, and it's availability if any on the Supported Platforms.

    WhatsApp Image 2020-05-20 at 17.30.21.jpeg

    But once you press the "UP" key it shows more info like Cast, similar content from Netflix/GooglePlay Movies, Search Results from Youtube, and Oxygen Play.

    So basically by using the voice search, not only are we searching content from Netflix/Google Play Movies, but we are also getting results from Oxygen Play which is in a way searching from Zee5, Sonyliv, Voot, Hungama Play etc . Technically, except for Prime Video and Hotstar, content from all other major OTT apps are included in the search results :D

    WhatsApp Image 2020-05-20 at 17.30.221.jpeg
    PS: For some titles, the GA even shows "Available on Oxygen Play" on the top results. I am not sure what's the criteria for it to show only for a few titles. Maybe it's a work in progress but surely a positive one :)

    D. Plan Your Day

    You need to provide permission to google Assitant for accessing personal information for some of these commands to work.

    1. How's the Weather?
    O: Shows weather information of your location.

    2. Show my calendar/Agenda
    O: Shows the agenda for today from your calendar. You can ask for the next day or a particular day too.

    3. Show my Reminders

    O: Shows all the reminders linked to your Google Account. (You cannot create reminders from the TV yet)

    4. Add Sanitizer to shopping list
    O: Adds the specific item to your shopping list. If the list doesn't exist, it will ask if it should create a new one. You can create multiple lists with custom names and even notes. These lists and notes can be accessed on your phone again by using Google Assistant.

    5. How's the traffic nearby?
    O: Gives an update about the traffic near your area.

    6. How long does it take to reach the Airport?
    O: Shows the navigation route and estimated time.

    7. Find Vegetarian restaurants near me
    O: Lists out the nearby Veg restaurants for you on the screen.

    E. Have Fun

    Apart from the above commands that can help in finding content and personalized results... GA can also chat with you and provide you with Trivia. This can be very entertaining with your kids around, as GA knows how to put a smile on your face :D

    1. How far is the Sun?
    O: Provides exact value from Wiki and reads out some extra info about it.

    2. Can you sing a song?
    O: Sings a custom song. It's quite catchy I must say :p

    3. Can you tell me some jokes?
    O: Reads out some short jokes. Most of them can be Silly ones ;)

    4. Who's your dad?
    O: This one surely chuckled me... Good one GA

    5. Help me wash my hands
    O: Sings a song on how to wash :D

    Some other such fun commands are listed here, try out and see how it she responds ;)

    6. Read me a story.
    7. Do you know Alexa?

    8. Do you know who I am?
    9. Do you Believe in God?

    That's quite a long list, wasn't it?
    Now let me tell you that it's just a drop from the ocean of capabilities that GA possesses. Maybe not all are relevant to us or convenient to use. I tried my level best to list out all relevant and interesting commands. Be sure to try them out and comment about your fav/most used command. If you know some interesting commands that are not listed here, let me know and I shall add it here. Next time I will try to list out the commands for Alexa.

    Until then enjoy the Hands-Free Experience :)

    "Ok Google... Sign me Off"

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    Venky61 , May 23, 2020 :
    Thank you :) I hope you guys start using some of the commands and do share your experiences ;)

    My pleasure... Thanks for reading :)
    She was tough to crack but I think she understands me better now ;) :p

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    Batman360 , May 23, 2020 :
    Alteast AI understands us way faster than actual human beings😁😜

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    Venky61 , May 23, 2020 :
    That statement is both exciting and depressing at the same time :(:p

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    Venky61 , Jun 6, 2020 :
    Thanks a lot :)
    And very true... The evolution of AI has been amazing...
    But what is your take on making home "Smart"... Do you think the users are ready to control devices with voice?

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    Starcommander , Jun 6, 2020 :
    I guess users are ready to control appliances by their voices but the major concern is, IS IT WORTH IT?

    Before the invention of AI, there was the invention of remote which made people a couch potato.
    I just can't think what will be my routine if every appliances are voice controlled :p

    No more problem if anyone switches off the fan:p
    Google turn on the fan.
    Google turn on the AC
    Google turn off the light.
    Google let me sleep.
    Google don't allow maid to enter my room.

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    Venky61 , Jun 6, 2020 :
    Lol...Forgetting to Turn ON/OFF the switch for any appliance and getting up again for that is the most frustrating thing to do :p
    Jokes apart, I also think that our brain has been very much aligned to manual tasks and our immediate instinct would be to do it by ourselves. It is also to do with the fact that some of the actions would eventually need the physical remote/manual operation, so our reliability on the AI takes a hit. But it is useful when your hands/legs are tied (not literally) :p

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    Nandesh Mohan , Jun 19, 2020 :
    It's all was good if one plus tv had launched far field technology. But I become very sad when I heard that company has cancelled that. I don't know why one plus has taken this step. now TLC has released 55 inch smart tv which has almost same features as of oneplus tv uper hand with far field feature. That too in the same price bracket! I also seen in the review that even it show HDR+ labelled in you tube video. I wish one plus tv consider to bring back the far field technology and also solve all the problem faced by the tv and do all the functions intended to be done by both software and hardware of our tv.

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    Venky61 , Jun 20, 2020 :
    I guess OnePlus wanted to launch the far field but realized the technicalities only after jumping into it and the TV was already launched making it too late to take back the statement. I think there is only hope that it will be implemented in Q2 series. The TCL tv really makes a good deal for the price except for the lower RAM which might hamper at later stage.
    But I want to understand one thing, please answer honestly... how much are you using the existing Google Assistant's integration on remote? What I believe is that having voice assistant feature is good but at the end we don't use them much at all.

    Regarding the HDR logo, it's a software feature. The feedback has been provided to include the logo for the HDR videos. The team is working on implementing new features, so sooner or later this might be included too.

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  15. Nandesh Mohan
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    Nandesh Mohan , Jun 20, 2020 :
    Thank you very much for your response! Iam happy that one plus tv consider the feedback and acts very responsibly! The tv has much capability what so ever and I feel the experience is improving by every upgrade! So my intension was never to compare or downgrade the product. Only to remind how our tv is much capable and can draw best from it!

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    Venky61 , Jun 23, 2020 :
    There is no wrong in comparing and even downgrading as it's the constructive feedback that will help to improve any product. So I am glad that you mentioned about the HDR logo and far-field being implemented in the competitors :)

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