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  1. Kristijan Puljek
    Gingerbread Mar 22, 2017

    Kristijan Puljek , Mar 22, 2017 :
    What? I'm from Croatia and my assistant understands me really well. I'm far from talking in an American accent and also have a slight lisp. But I've been using Google now for years, maybe it got used to my voice patterns.

  2. Arshnoortandon
    Donut Mar 23, 2017

    Arshnoortandon , Mar 23, 2017 :
    last week i got an update saying google assistant is ready on you phone, i tapped and it was working great. but for some reason i had to format my device and now i cannot get the assistant

  3. Onkar.Singh
    KitKat Mar 23, 2017

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  4. 262262
    Gingerbread Mar 23, 2017

    262262 , Mar 23, 2017 :
    go to settings and change language to English (US) and update all google apps and wait for 2 days

  5. Bhavyablakhani
    Eclair Mar 23, 2017

  6. ghostofcain
    Marshmallow Mar 23, 2017

  7. rarog
    Assistant Head Moderator Assistant Head Moderator Mar 23, 2017

  8. akhill5386
    Cupcake Mar 23, 2017

    akhill5386 , Mar 23, 2017 :
    1. Install latest Google Play services: Google Play Services act as the core framework for all Google functionalities. So make sure you’ve the latest version of it installed on your device to be able to get Google Assistant running on your device.
    2. Install latest Google app: The latest version ( or above) of the Google App is required for Google Assistant.
    3. Change phone’s system language to English USA: The Google Assistant will roll out in phases, targeting its English speaking US users first so make sure you change your phone’s system language to English USA. Below is a quick guide on how to do this:
      1. Go to Settings.
      2. Select Language and Input.
      3. Select Languages » English (United States).
    4. You’re now ready to get Google Assistant, just wait for it.
    Wait sometime Google Assistant will appear.

  9. dugankiran
    Donut Mar 23, 2017

    dugankiran , Mar 23, 2017 :
    can you please share me the screenshot of google app...I'm not getting in play store

  10. KBS27
    Cupcake Mar 23, 2017

  11. rarog
    Assistant Head Moderator Assistant Head Moderator Mar 23, 2017

    rarog , Mar 23, 2017 :
    I'm merging your thread with the main one: https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/google-assistant.483948/

  12. Aj_73
    Cupcake Mar 23, 2017

  13. rarog
    Assistant Head Moderator Assistant Head Moderator Mar 23, 2017

    rarog , Mar 23, 2017 :
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  14. gadayash9
    Cupcake Mar 23, 2017

    gadayash9 , Mar 23, 2017 :
    Is there any way to be able to point on screen and get results, as we did before the assistant, now after the update? that was really handy. The assistant just doesn't get it

  15. creativiii
    Donut Mar 23, 2017

    creativiii , Mar 23, 2017 :
    The oneplus Facebook page has mentioned that the Google assistant is available but has left no information on how to actually activate it.

    Can anybody help me on this? How do I activate it? I only have the standard Google voice search

  16. jizang
    Lollipop Mar 23, 2017

    jizang , Mar 23, 2017 :
    do a forum search.. or ask google, as it's a google thing

  17. seemant_sinha
    Donut Mar 23, 2017

    seemant_sinha , Mar 23, 2017 :
    just become a beta tester for Google app as well as Google play services ...and that's it now update both the apps ...and congrats u have got ur own Assistant for free

  18. divinityQQ
    Honeycomb Mar 23, 2017

    divinityQQ , Mar 23, 2017 :
    You need to have your system language set to English (US). Nothing more you can do, just wait for it.

  19. pablofg1978
    Head Moderator Head Moderator Mar 23, 2017

    pablofg1978 , Mar 23, 2017 :
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  20. Parikshit_roy
    Cupcake Mar 23, 2017

    Parikshit_roy , Mar 23, 2017 :
    it has come you just have to sign up for beta version of Google play services and Google app and updates them both and you will get assistant no root required