Google Play - Different App versions?

  1. Mouro_81
    Honeycomb Dec 12, 2014

    Mouro_81 , Dec 12, 2014 :
    Anyone got an idea why the same App (Hangouts) is available in different versions in different OPOs at the same time?!? They both show as updated...
    OPO#1 Hangouts v2.5####
    OPO#2 Hangouts v2.4####
    Screenshot_2014-12-11-23-36-05.png 2.5.png
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  2. a vehicle
    Jelly Bean Dec 12, 2014

    a vehicle , Dec 12, 2014 :
    If you look on the Google Play store:

    The current version:

    Don't quote me on this, but I believe the reason behind this was that Google rolls out updates incrementally. That is they don't update all devices to the new version all at the same time. This prevents their servers from being overloaded, but more importantly, it also gives them the opportunity to see whether there are any unforeseen issues with the new version before everyone gets it (basically the guys on v2.5 are the beta testers or gamma testers whatever you want to call it).

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  3. Mouro_81
    Honeycomb Dec 12, 2014

    Mouro_81 , Dec 12, 2014 :
    Just updated the screenshots in post#1...
    I guess I understand what you are saying.
    Kinda like the OPO OTA updates, right?
    Never thought of it that way.

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