Google Play Services battery drain fix

  1. semper80
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 21, 2017

    semper80 , Jan 21, 2017 :
    For those experiencing this problem in Nougat 4.0.2/7.0.1, there is a solution. Go to Settings/Apps/Google Play Services and dissable Modify System Settings. It work for me.

    Radio Active bug will disappear from cellular data network.
    Good luck!

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  2. HoriaRave
    Froyo Jan 21, 2017

    HoriaRave , Jan 21, 2017 :
    I am having issues with Mobile radio active, I tried everything, hope this works.

  3. semper80
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 21, 2017

    semper80 , Jan 21, 2017 :
    Google Services are bunched together under one heading "Google Play Services". What does this mean? Here are some of the things that this includes followed by simple ways to make Google play services use less of your battery power.
    • Account Manager (Google): Little information is available on exactly what this service does, but it seems to handle syncing for Google account data, including email and other related things.
    • Services Framework [Google]: Google Services Framework handles a variety of other communications with Google, including cloud messaging.
    • Contacts Sync {Google}: Google Contacts Sync syncs your Android contacts back and forth with your Google account’s contacts — you can find these in Gmail or at google.com/contacts. The sync is two-way so that you can modify a contact on your Android device or the web, and your changes will appear in both places.
    • Google Backup Transport: This service allows Android apps to back up their data onto Google’s servers. When you perform a factory reset on an Android device or set up a new one, your app’s data can be restored.
    • Google Play Services: Google Play Services is a layer of services Android apps can use. This includes location services, which is the most significant battery drain here. The “Google Play Services” package can be updated on-the-fly without an operating system update

    • For more battery life, I stoped Calendar and Google Fit sync in Accounts and I stopped Location. Now I have 63% from battery with 3h SOT.

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  4. HoriaRave
    Froyo Jan 21, 2017

    HoriaRave , Jan 21, 2017 :
    Seems to be working, had no more battery drain caused by Google Play services, thanks alot.

  5. rohankulkarni1694
    Cupcake Jan 21, 2017

  6. Hisbaan
    Cupcake Jan 22, 2017

    Hisbaan , Jan 22, 2017 :
    kind of worked for me. battery life is still horrible on the op3 (O OS 4.0.2)

  7. G_iam1ee_fkCA
    Donut Jan 22, 2017

    G_iam1ee_fkCA , Jan 22, 2017 :
    what will happen if we turn of the modify setting options? besides the battery life improvement. does this affect how my updates or system works? any errors?

  8. semper80
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 22, 2017

    semper80 , Jan 22, 2017 :
    Nope. All google apps works fine. Unfortunately Android OS still draining. I have no root and I can't change OS wakelock

  9. LukeFro
    Cupcake Jan 22, 2017

    LukeFro , Jan 22, 2017 :
    Have you only been having issues after the system update?

  10. semper80
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 22, 2017

    semper80 , Jan 22, 2017 :
    For better battery backup, go to Settings/Backup and Reset - do a data backup and then disable it.
    When enabled, this setting backs up all the device data and app data periodically into your configured account. This data may be anything like the Wi-Fi passwords, call history, photos, text messages, app settings & files, etc. So if you are ready to barter this with the battery life, turning it off will be the right thing to do.

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  11. inf0x
    Cupcake Jan 22, 2017

  12. lepathie
    Honeycomb Jan 22, 2017

  13. HoriaRave
    Froyo Jan 22, 2017

  14. lepathie
    Honeycomb Jan 22, 2017

    lepathie , Jan 22, 2017 :
    But turning it off will delete every file stored on the servers as described.

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  15. Kenrick
    Froyo Jan 22, 2017

    Kenrick , Jan 22, 2017 :

    Thank you kindly for the clear explanations ;)
    I have followed your pieces of advice and see how it goes.



  16. innis.neil
    Honeycomb Feb 19, 2017

  17. Vishnoiujjaval
    Eclair Nov 1, 2018