Got issue with updates?

  1. pulkitparashar7 Cupcake Jul 23, 2019

    pulkitparashar7, Jul 23, 2019 :
    I have been a oneplus user since 6t came out. I'll keep it short for those who don't have patience and starts to flood the forum with their own criticism. Suck it up guys you won't find a perfect device out there not even Pixel. There are devices which don't even provide regular security updates. At least oneplus have two different channels beta and stable which are updated regularly, I am sure some of you might say up names like xiaomi also have two channels but are they stock like? Closest fastest smoothest stock experience is what you are holding right now in your hand.

    When you post something here it is highly possible that the designers won't even see it unless you get a lot of attention to your post. They have a Roadmap to follow they follow that, getting an update to release isn't easy I've been on the backend side of development and there are things you might not be aware of like designing, getting the design approved, implementing it, repeatedly testing it, then pushing it to channels like alpha then improving it on the feedback to get it ready for beta, again improving it finally for the stable release.

    So if you post something about your expectations here not getting fulfilled while you sit on your couch. Got something for you either implement it yourself and showcase it when there are contest that need your suggestions like what Tijink did or move on without it I am sure it won't break your device.

    Peace out.