Got your OnePlus 7 Pro? Celebrate and show off here!

  1. subhankar_dey
    Froyo May 19, 2019

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  2. Tony_Walker_Scotland
    Eclair May 19, 2019

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  3. Spandan_Mishra
    Cupcake May 19, 2019

    Spandan_Mishra , May 19, 2019 :
    Got mine on the 17th. Still coming to terms with the device. Camera leaves a lot lacking but that's about it. Nothing a Gcam port won't fix

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  4. Q1558271066073
    Cupcake May 19, 2019

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  5. Saurabh_7Pro
    Froyo May 19, 2019

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  6. P1558172014751
    Cupcake May 19, 2019

    P1558172014751 , May 19, 2019 :
    Wow, Superbly made by One Plus, its a beauty the speed, smoothness and the display is marvelous its worth to have this phone, thanks OnePlus I appreciate Your creation [e]1f44d[/e].

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  7. Deepashar128
    Cupcake May 19, 2019

  8. G1558153385965
    Cupcake May 19, 2019

  9. atluriharsha
    Cupcake May 19, 2019

  10. Mildromeda
    Gingerbread May 19, 2019

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    Mildromeda , May 19, 2019 :

    I did not expect so many people to notice my new toy, now it was a nightmare picking this bad boy up between three different cards failing payment on the website ( money was in there) and three different T-Mobile stores trying to sell me on a whole plan. I finally picked this bad boy up early yesterday where I live there was only four stores that had 1 each.

    this being my first time walking into a store and walking out with one the feeling all those stressful was one of the best I've felt in a long time, so far I've been putting her through the paces coming from the OnePlus 6 there are definitely some drastic improvements.

    first off the no notch full screen display is extremely noticeable jumping back and forth between devices, I didn't think this was going to be a case I thought it was just a gimmick but this is the future more or less. secondly the 90 Hertz display is like a drug One taste of it and you never go back I'm not joking the OnePlus 6 actually gives me kind of a headache now using it.

    I being an early adopter since the OnePlus One was somewhat disappointed in the price and after all is said and done at T-Mobile I end up paying $810 but now that it's in my hand not only do I except the price but I 100% back it up I've played with the Galaxy S10 Plus but something about this device just gives it that flare and everyone notices it.

  11. A1557229290304
    Cupcake May 19, 2019

    A1557229290304 , May 19, 2019 :
    though I don't own this device but I can assure that it's the best phone a person could ever own love [e]2764[/e]️ oneplus

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  12. D1553144305415
    Donut May 19, 2019

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  13. SaChan2019
    Froyo May 19, 2019

  14. ajshanker
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 19, 2019

  15. B1557981764473
    Cupcake May 19, 2019

  16. Maulik2808
    Cupcake May 19, 2019

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  17. GowthamStarlit
    Cupcake May 19, 2019

  18. neeraj_pareek
    Cupcake May 19, 2019

  19. 9757434301
    Cupcake May 19, 2019

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    Ice Cream Sandwich May 19, 2019

    ANONYMOOSE_82 , May 19, 2019 :


    icon pack?? please!
    and, how's the battery life... it is good?​

    not sure about batter since I just got it. but so far it's great.


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