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    comicgeek , Oct 5, 2015 :
    You might not like the perceived exclusivity with the invite system, the bad customer support, or problem with availability, however, you have to give it to Oneplus for amazing product presentation and packaging. Their accessories are right up there with Apple accessories.

    Quick review:
    USB-C to micro USB adaptor
    - expensive at $9 but still cheaper compared to Apple's Lightning to micro USB adaptor and it come with a red silicone case. A case for a tiny adaptor? Yup. You might say it is stupid but I wish my Lightning to micro USB adaptor from Apple had one too. It makes it so easy to carry around with you because it also has a hole to attach it with your keys.

    Bamboo StyleSwap cover
    - feels amazing. It's like ending your torture with sandpaper and finally feeling something smooth and non-slippery. Looks great too. The only issue I find is that it is thicker and does not sit flush with the camera area of the phone.

    Tempered Glass Screen protector
    - thicker that most tempered glass I've used before. I think it's about 0.4mm. However, since it is thicker I had no problem removing and reattaching it on the phone to fit it dead-center. All edges stick properly unlike those $5 versions where some corners are not sticking. I removed the "free" screen protector before applying this one.
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    pa5t1s , Oct 5, 2015 :
    Yes, you're right: packaging is really well-done, simple and yet efficient ;)